Premium Double-shielded SVGA Cable CL2-Rated With Ferrites~50 feet

Premium Double-shielded SVGA Cable CL2-Rated With Ferrites~50 feet


Product Description

Premium Double-shielded SVGA Cable CL2-Rated With Ferrites~50 feetPremium Double-shielded SVGA Cable CL2-Rated With Ferrites~150 feet
This 50-ft. premium CL2-rated VGA cable goes the distance with crisp clarity. Constructed of premium-grade double-shielded composite, this VGA cable can go 50-ft and beyond with no problems to deliver crisp video signals without any interference for all VGA monitors, projectors, video splitters, VGA switches, KVM switches and VGA-based presentation devices. No more ghosting and fuzzy images.

Why CL2 Rate Important ?

If your VGA cables are to be installed in-wall, you will need VGA cables rated CL2 or equivalent. It is illegal to install cable not rated for in wall installation because of fire rating codes, not to mention your own safety.

In addition, good rated cables for in-wall use will be stronger than regular VGA cables, allowing for better pulling without damaging the cables. Another factor is the fact that decent in wall cable has a specific number of twists required per inch in cables, providing better self shielding capability from interference from other wires already installed in wall.

This cable also uses ferrite cores for maximum protection from EMI interference. You may also use this type cable for connecting between the desktop or laptop PC with our VGA switches, VGA video splitters or VGA video converters.

  • HD15 male to HD15 male connectors.
  • Molded connector provides strain relief for added durability.
  • Ferrites protect against EMI/RFI interference.
  • CL2 certified for in wall use.
  • Impedance matched at 75 ohms to deliver full brightness and vibrant color.
  • Triple-coaxial and twisted-pair wire provides crystal-clear images.
  • Shielding consists of foil and copper braid with 3 internal coax lines for full bandwidth transmission of red, green and blue signals.
  • Constructed of premium-grade double-shielded video cable to eliminate ghosting and fuzzy images.
  • Cable length: 50 feet.

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