Premium 15-pin VGA to 5 BNC RGB Video Cable

Premium 15-pin VGA to 5 BNC RGB Video Cable


Product Description

6' Shielded D-Sub 15-in SVGA Male to 5 BNC Male RGBHV Cable

Premium high-end RGB video signal breakout cable for all high-frequency displays like projectors, studio monitor, high-performance RGB monitor and HDTV set. 

This RGB adapter cable allows direct conversion of a 5 BNC, RGBHV cable to VGA HD-15 pin connector for HDTV, video projector applications. True 75 ohm connectors and cable for accurate video and sync signal transfers.

It will also work for the 3-BNC type and the 4-BNC type. Heavy duty shielding and "first class" quality all the way. Cable is 6 foot long and will handle red, green, blue, vertical sync, and horizontal sync.

  • Double-shield to provide the maximum immunity to environmental EMI and RFI.
  • Fully support HDTV video and RGB high resolution standards.
  • Integrated ferrite on HD15 cable end for enhanced system electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Quintuple coax connector for standard high definition 75 Ohm inputs.
  • Red, Green, Blue, Gray or White for Horizontal Sync and Black for Vertical Sync.
  • Connectors: 5 BNC(RGBHV) male to D-sub HD-15 pin VGA male.


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