2-Port Phone-Controlled Remote PDU Power Switch

2-Port Phone-Controlled Remote PDU Power Switch

Item# TEL-P2000

Product Description

2-Port Phone-Controlled Remote PDU Power Switch2-Port Phone-Controlled Remote PDU Power Switch
This innovative phone-activated power controller is designed to provide distant power management and control of power distribution through telephone line.

Most of the equipment outages can be fixed with simple reboot or power cycling. 

Users can simply call into this PDU and use phone keypad to power on/off or power cycle the connected electrical devices, reducing the down time of equipments. 

This power switch works with any PTSN land lines, VOIP service and any tone-dial telephone, cell phones or smart phones. 

Both AC outlets are protected with a built-in circuit breaker to prevent system overload events.

This is the only remote power reboot solution in the market when no internet/network connection available. 

Unlike other LAN-controlled power switch models, this remote power switch uses the traditional way to take commands through simple phone calls. Traditional way means reliability and consistency.

Industrial grade design for support of AC power input from 85V to 240V with 12-Amp circuit breaker.

Easy Power Control
After the phone number is dialed, this power switch picks up the phone call and prompts users to enter the password. 

After passing the password security check, users can use the phone keypad to select AC outlet or system menu or exit the process.

This power controller confirms all commands entered and echoes back the current power status (on or off). The current power status can also be checked at any time by making phone calls.

Easy Operation
The phone-controlled power switch will announce the selected AC outlet's current status before making new selection. 

If a new password change is successfully made, users will hear the voice confirmation about the new password changed.

Users can also change the default name of outlet to reflect the corresponding powered device connected. In this session, the unit will prompt user to record the new outlet name or device name by speaking into the phone after hearing a beep. 

In addition, a tiny reset button is located on the front panel of the unit. User can reset the power controller back to default values.

Dual Independent AC Outlets
This remote power switch provides 2 AC outlets. Each one of the 2 outlets on this device can be independently turned on or turned off.

The max current output from both outlets is 12 Amp or 8 amp max from each single power outlet. 

Secure User Password Access Control
The access passcode can be changed at any time through the voice system menu of the power controller after passing the security check from the call.

Work With Phone Line From VoIP Box And GSM Terminals
In addition to the regular land line, this telephone-controlled power switch can also work with phone line provided from VoIP box or GSM terminal. 

Overload Circuit Breaker
A 12-Amp circuit breaker is built into the circuitry of this power controller unit for protection and prevent damages happened to connected devices when power overload event occurs.

This PDU can handle 12 Amp max current output for both outlets or 8 amp max for each single power outlet.

Equipment Protection And Energy Savings
This power controller is also very suitable for energy related application by powering down idle devices for saving power, avoiding wear and tear. 

Protect sensitive devices or valuable equipments by keeping them powered off when not in use. This also prevents hackers from detecting them at all times.

  • Smart power switch designed to control AC outlets through telephone keypad.
  • The only remote power reboot solution in the market when no internet/network connection available.
  • Cost-effective solution to reduce on-site IT service visits.
  • Easy remote power management and power distribution at distance through telephone or mobile phone.
  • Access and control the power supplies to electrical appliances and electronic equipments by phone calls.
  • Works with regular PTSN line, VOIP line or all tone-dial telephones, cell phones or smart phones.
  • No network connection needed and no configuration needed.
  • Easy voice-prompt operation by using phone keypad to make selection for power management.
  • Used as an alternative or additional power control option for managing the monitored power devices.
  • Secure password access by DTMF touch tones. Password can be changed at any time as needed.
  • 2 power outlets can be independently controlled for energy management, home automation and system security.
  • Great power saving for energy related application by keeping equipments powered off when not in use. 
  • Designed to support AC power input from 85V to 240V.
  • Overload circuit breaker built in for 12 Amp max current output from both outlets or 8 amp max from each single power outlet.
  • LED light indicators for status of outlet power and phone line.
  • Sturdy metal housing designed for high voltage resistance and protection for electrical current.

  • AC Power Inlet: IEC 320 C14
  • AC Power Input Voltage/Frequency: 85~240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • AC Power Outlet Receptacles: NEMA 5-15R
  • Maximum Current Output: 
    • 12.0 Amp max total for both AC outlets
    • 8.0 Amp max for single power outlet
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40 degree C (32 to 104 degree F)
  • Storage Temperature Range:  0 to 70 degree C (32 to 158 degree F)
  • Operating Humidity:  0 to 85% Non-condensing
  • Max. Power Consumption: 4.5W
  • Dimensions: 182mm(W) x 125mm(D) x 44mm(H) or 7.1" x 4.9" x 1.7"

  • Phone-controlled power switch
  • AC power cord
  • User manual copy

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