PAL B/G Version RCA Video Audio To RF Coax All-Channel Modulator

PAL B/G Version RCA Video Audio To RF Coax All-Channel Modulator

Item# MD210-PBG

Product Description

All-Channel PAL B/G Composite RCA Video Stereo Audio To RF Coax All-Channel Modulator

All-Channel PAL B/G RCA Video Audio To RF Coax Modulator
This RF/coax TV channel modulator will encode foreign PAL B/G type composite video/audio into a modulated user-defined PAL B/G TV channel through its RF coax output. 

It is designed for foreign countries in West Europe or Asia using PAL-B/G TV broadcast standard.

All standard A/V signals from devices such as satellite receivers, Digital TV converter box, DVD player or CCTV surveillance camera can be modulated by this device into a cable TV channel frequency or UHF/VHF cannel frequency of user's choice, which can be combined with the existing cable TV system as one of your new TV channels.

Its programmable TV channel output selection allows users to assign a proper TV channel for its RF coax output. Channel selection is controlled by the front panel button. 

This analog video modulator offers easy solution for professional A/V installers and home users to build a private and centralized home TV or commercial TV channel system with ease.

This type of composite A/V to RF coax modulator can be widely deployed in many applications such as:

  • Must-have A/V adapter for older TV sets. For those older tube TVs with RF/coax input only, users can use this modulator to merge the separate composite RCA outputs from the source devices to the RF type first before connecting to their old TV sets.
  • Cost saving with source device sharing. All TVs connected in the same coax cable can share the same A/V device. Simply tune in to the new channel and watch the same A/V content transmitted over the coax cable.
  • Digital Signage. Using one single media player for each information channel and transmitted over multiple remote TV display at a very low cost.
  • Custom built TV channels. Why wait for the cable company for more quality channels? Now you can combine free free-to-air digital broadcasts and satellite channels into your own cable system. Instructors or parents may also use this modulator to replace or override the inappropriate or unwanted TV channels for the audience.
  • DIY private surveillance channel. Video and audio signals from CCTV surveillance camera can be presented on your TV channels. No additional video processor or separate video monitor needed for the setup any more. Check the live camera feeds on the TV by tuning into the preset channels for review or recording.

Easy Operation
Simply connect the video/audio output from device such as CCTV security camera, DVD player to the RCA inputs of this agile modulator and then connect its RF coax output to your TV or a coax cable combiner/splitter for further distribution. 

Next use the push buttons and digital screen display located on the front panel to choose an unused or unwanted TV channel number for PAL CATV system or UHF/VHF system use.

At last simple use your TV remote to tune to the channel you just assigned for your DVD or camera video. Bingo !

Easy Integration
Through this audio/video coax modulator, users can simply use the existing coax cable system to transmit and control the new media content from the remote location.

Any TV connected to the output from this A/V to RF modulator via coax cable connection can receive the signals, when the TV is tuned to the proper channel.

Simply using the TV remote to tune TV into the assigned TV channel by this RF modulator so the desired video content can be displayed on TV wired through the coax cable system.

Air/CATV Video System Support
This video/audio modulator is ideal for encoding video/audio onto any unused TV channel. One model with selectable system mode and wide channel frequency range support for both air UHF/VHF and CATV channel output.
[Note]: This RF modulator is only suitable for foreign countries using PAL-B/G for TV broadcast standard. It can operate in the following frequency ranges:

Easy Expansion
Users can add more of these RF modulators at any time for more video sources to be transmitted simultaneously over the same coax cable wire with the same high quality video for high impact pubic or private presentation.

Multiple of these modulators can be cascaded together for broadcasting more A/V source signals and building up a large-scale TV distribution system for commercial applications such as class rooms, hotels, restaurant, conference rooms, retail stores, hospitals and so on for easy multimedia content broadcasting.

Any TV connected through the same coax cable line can receive the same video audio signals transmitted over the coax wire by tuning into the assigned channel.

Cost-Saving Media Signal Transmission
Transmitting audio/video signals over existing coax cable setup offers far greater resolution, longer transmission range and much lower cost than the typical balun or Cat5 extender solution. Its high signal output of 100db is sufficient for long cable runs.

New A/V Distribution Over Cable TV System
This RF coax agile modulator is very suitable for professional A/V installers as well as end users to build a customized and centralized video distribution system for their own home A/V, satellite or security surveillance applications.

Coax cable is not just for TV anymore. New innovations allow you to create your own customized TV broadcast system using various AV sources. No expensive A/V matrix routers required. Destinations do not need Cat5 interfaces, signage media players or set top boxes at all. Just tune in with any TV via the built-in TV tuner.

Adjustable Audio Video Gain Control
This composite A/V to coax RF converter supports adjustable gain control. Users can manually adjust and control the RF coax signal output level for smooth integration with existing cable TV system. So the picture stability will remain the same as the original A/V input signal for the remote end display with minimum distortion and noise-free with full brightness and contrast.

Last Channel Memory
This video audio modulator will memorize user's setting for modulated channel after being powered off manually or power outage event.

  • Professional-grade audio/video RF modulator for broadband A/V distribution for all PAL-B and PAL-G type TV system setup.
  • Designed for foreign countries in West Europe or Asia using PAL-B/G TV broadcast standard. 
  • Supports RF output in selectable CATV or UHF channel frequency with wide TV channel frequency range.
  • Users can choose an unused or unwanted TV channel number in the range between CH1 and CH108 for PAL B/G TV.
  • Transmitting audio/video over coax cable offers greater transmission range and much lower cost than the typical balun or Cat5 extender solution.
  • Programmable TV channel output, flexibility in altering TV channel line-ups and instant replacement of existing TV channels.
  • Supports all audio/video sources such as satellite receivers, media players, video camera or other composite video devices.
  • Must-have A/V adapter for combining both RCA video/audio from device into RF type for long range video/audio distribution.
  • Cost saving with source device sharing. 
  • All TVs connected through the same coax cable can share the same A/V device or media player.
  • Video and audio signals from CCTV surveillance camera can be presented on your TV channels. 
  • Supports manual output gain control with gain level adjustment available from 0 to 20 dB.
  • Powerful 100db signal output sufficient for long cable runs up to 1200 meters.
  • Easy integration with existing coax cable system, one same wire to carry the new media content from distance.
  • Multiple units cascaded together to distribute multiple audio video inputs from different central sources. 
  • Last memory support for keeping user's last-minute setting intact after being powered off manually or power outage event.
  • Digital LED channel display and controls for convenient monitoring and operation.
  • Compact size with metal enclosure.

  • RF Output Strength: 100 +/- 5dB
  • Channel Display: Digital LED Screen
  • Channel Frequency Range:
    • PAL B/G CATV: CH1(48.25MHz) - CH108(798.25MHz)
    • PAL B/G UHF/VHF: CH21(471.25MHz) - CH69(885.25MHz) 
  • Modulation Type: Double side band
  • RF Signal Output Level:  100+/-5 dbuv
  • Video Input Connectors: Composite RCA female x 1
  • Audio Input Connectors: RCA female x 2 for audio L/R)
  • Output Connector: Coax F-Type female x1
  • Video/Audio Gain Control:
    • RF lever
    • Video/Audio deviation
    • Video/Audio carrier
    • Video/Audio modulation
  • Memory Function: Last channel memory
  • Power Supply: DC 7.5V - DC12V / 100mA
  • Dimension: 2.95"(W) x 4.5"(D) x 1.2"(H)

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