IR Remote Sensor Probe Wire

IR Remote Sensor Probe Wire

Item# IR-EXT-K102

Product Description

IR Remote Sensor Wire
The IR sensor cable could be plugged into an IR repeater/extender or A/V extender and serves as the IR remote sensor for receiving the command signal emitted from an IR remote control.

The IR remote sensor wire is designed for receiving the control commands emitted from an IR remote. It could be plugged into a video source device that can support plug-in of external IR probe such as cable box, satellite receiver, home theater system or video/audio extender and serves as the IR sensor for receiving the input of IR remote control signal.
[Note]: Not all audio/video equipments or extender kits offer such IR plug-in. Please check your video equipment first before purchase.

Easy Wire Extension
This IR sensor wire uses the standard 3.5mm headphone plug. If you wish to extend this sensor wire for longer cable length in the setup, you can simply use a longer 3.5mm or 2.5mm audio extension cable to join with this sensor cable for cable extension if needed.

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