High-Speed Parallel Port PCI Printer I/O Card

High-Speed Parallel Port PCI Printer I/O Card

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Product Description

High-Speed Parallel Port PCI Printer I/O CardHigh-Speed Parallel Port PCI Printer I/O Card
This brand new PCI Parallel Port card is 3X faster than the comparable  ISA bus card or the built-in parallel port of the motherboard. This adapter card is one of the few models in the market for industrial and professional use.

Multiple Parallel Port Expansion
Users can install as many of these PCI parallel port adapter cards as needed in one PC for providing multiple parallel ports for multiple device connection. Multiple units of this parallel port adapter card can co-exist in one PC, a nice feature for print servers, data centers and work stations. 

Multiple Mode Support
This card is fully compatible with all three modes of ECP(Extended Capabilities Port),  EPP(Enhanced Parallel Port) and  SPP(Standard Parallel Port). It is ideal interface for printers, external storage media or parallel port scanners.

Multiple OS Support
This card supports Windows-based systems. Driver are provided for operations in
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003.

Re-mapping Support
Users can change the LPT setting in Windows for their legacy devices if system resources are still available in their computer.
This PC card provides a real hardware parallel port showing as LPT port in the device manager of Microsoft Windows

Device Support
The parallel interconnect of this PCI adapter card can work with any Printer with parallel interface, Scanners, LapLink, Zip Drive, Tape Drive, LS-120 Drive, CD-R/RW, EPROM Programmer, Intelligent UPS, Plotter, Bank Passbook Printer, CF/SM/MMC/PCMCIA Reader and etc.

  • Easy plug and play installation, automatically selecting IRQ and I/O address.
  • Provides LPT port for connection with legacy device such as printer, scanner, etc.
  • Supports multiple parallel port card installation in the same PC, great feature for workstations, data centers and print servers. 
  • Supports Re-mapping for use with legacy parallel port devices like zip drives, tape drives, etc.
  • Fully compatible with SPP, EPP and ECP modes.
  • Supports PCI IRQ sharing to saves valuable system resources for other I/O expansion cards.
  • Supports all operation systems including Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003.
  • Fast data transfer rate up to 1.5 MB/sec
  • Support 32-bit PCI Bus, PCI Specification 2.1 Compliant
  • One standard IEEE 1284 printer port with DB25 parallel port connector x 1
  • Speed: 1.5Mbytes/sec max
  • Built in 16 Byte FIFO
  • Interrupt: Plug & Play

  • Parallel port PCI adapter card
  • User manual
  • Driver CD disk

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