DB9 to HD 15-pin VGA Adapter Cable

DB9 to HD 15-pin VGA Adapter Cable


Product Description

RGB DB9 to HD15 D-sub 15-pin VGA Adapter Cable RGB CGA DB9 to HD15 Pin VGA Adapter Cable
This is the specially made adapter cable intended to be used for connecting a 15Khz RGB signal to our RGB converter AV-1M model with standard VGA output to LCD flat panel display. 

We suggest you to order this adapter cable along with our RGB converter together to avoid the the connection problem or you may customize one yourself based upon  our specification.

If you simply use this adapter cable without going through our RGB converter (model: AV-1M) for connection between your RGB device and a VGA monitor , the sync frequency will not be adjusted and result in NO Picture display on monitor.

RGB To VGA Pin-Out Mapping/Assignment
Users may customize their own input adapter cable for the CGA type RGB device with DB 9-pin output. 

The following diagram shows the corresponding pin-out assignment from a D-sub 9-pin CGA type RGB output to the 15-pin D-sub input of our model AV-1M CGA to VGA scaler converter.

The typical legacy DB9 to HD15 monitor adapters provided from other vendors have different pin-out assignments than ours and they shall be used for connecting with IBM PS2 or NEC Multi-Sync monitors only.  

If you pick up one of those monitor adapters for input to our converter, the converter will not process your RGB signals correctly.

Optional Cable Extension Or Connector Gender Change
This cable is 1.5 feet long. If you need this CGA RGB adapter cable to be longer in length, you can extend the 15-pin VGA end by joining it with a longer VGA cable as needed.

If you need the 9-pin end or the 15-pin end to be female type, you can use a gender changer to join with this adapter as needed.

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