4 In 1 Out Composite Video Audio Switch

4 In 1 Out Composite Video Audio Switch

Item# AVSW-41P

Product Description

1 In 4 Out Composite RCA Video Stereo Audio Splitter Distribution Amplifier 4 In 1 Out Composite Video Audio Switch 
This 4-port RCA video stereo audio switch allows users to switch between 4 video audio devices. So no more cable swapping and ever run out of video/audio inputs on your HDTV/LCD TV set or projector again.

This sleek and compact 4-input RCA video audio switcher provides an easy way to consolidate all of your audio video connections into one. 

Users can choose to output the desired video or audio source to a regular TV, LCD TV, projector or home theater system through the selection button on the switch.

Its fast and smooth switching between video/audio inputs and allows users to connect more audio/video devices than what a TV or AV receiver can accommodate. 

Fast Input Switching
This A/V switch provides smooth and rapid switching between various A/V input devices. 

Users can easily toggle through all 4 AV inputs and select the desired A/V device for output via the push buttons on the front.

Multiple Video Audio Inputs
This video/audio switch also provides users an easy expansion for existing TV, amplifier or AV receiver with limited AV inputs. 


  • High performance 4-port composite RCA video audio switcher for all analog video audio devices.
  • Expanding with more video/audio inputs for existing TV, A/V receiver or home theater system with limited A/V inputs.
  • Special circuitry for isolating adjacent video/audio Inputs for high quality signal transmission.
  • Supports all NTSC and PAL system inputs and output. Output video standard will follow the original video input standard.
  • Accurate and fast seamless video and audio signal routing and switching.
  • Aluminum housing provides excellent shielding.
  • No external power supply needed.

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