Amplifier/Subwoofer Bass Volume Level Controller

Amplifier/Subwoofer Bass Volume Level Controller

Item# AU-BAS001

Product Description

Amplifier/Subwoofer Bass Volume Level Controller

Amplifier/Subwoofer Bass Volume Level Controller
This audio bass level controller dial is an external way to adjust the frequency and gain output level from an amplifier, subwoofer, stereo system, equalizer or crossover volume form the dashboard or remote location.

This amp level controller knob adds sub-woofer level controls or balances a multiple amplifier installation when you need quick adjustments without fussing with your graphic equalizer or stereo volume controls!

The gain and frequency control actually adjusts the amount of input signal coming into the amplifier. If you turn them up too high, you hear some distortion.

Easy Operation
Adjusts level through its RCA inputs and outputs through the rotary dial on the front panel.

Just gently rotate the dial of the Frequency level and Gain level from this controller. Different frequencies can make the music sound differently.

Nice External Way Of Controlling Music
This is a great control knob to have and a nice addition to your sound system. 

With its good build quality, the control knob is very precise, giving you unparalleled level of control on adjusting the bass for different types of music.

Easy Setup
Simply connect the stereo output from your audio source device or car to the input of this controller and then connect the RCA audio output from this controller to the amplifier.

  • Easy way to add sub-woofer level controls or balances a multiple amplifier installation.
  • Fine tunes the volume of any RCA line level audio signal that you wish to control.
  • Compact housing allows the unit to be mounted virtually anywhere so control is right at user's fingertips.
  • Great for a sub amp volume control.
  • Dash mount amplifier level control for volume adjustment.
  • Simple in and out connections, no additional wiring needed.
  • This adds a dash mounted or desktop style subwoofer volume controller to your existing system.

  • Frequency Range Support: 150Hz - 40Hz
  • Gain Level Control: 0dB - 12dB
  • Connectors:
    • RCA input x 2
    • RCA output x 2
  • Dimension: 7.8 x 6.7 x 3.5cm

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