USB To DB25 Parallel Port Printer Adapter Cable

USB To DB25 Parallel Port Printer Adapter Cable

Item# USB-IO

Product Description

Hi-Speed USB To DB25 Parallel Port Printer Adapter CableHi-Speed USB To DB25 Parallel Port Printer Adapter Cable
This USB to DB25 parallel printer adapter cable turns a USB port into a DB25 virtual parallel port, allowing user to connect any parallel port printer inkjet, laser printer and other high-speed printers to the computer with ease. 

Fast printer adapter solution for laptop PCs or desktop PCs without a parallel port. This USB to parallel port adapter cable is fully compliant with IEEE 1284 specifications. It features bi-directional data transfer at the parallel port to assure high-speed printing and a maximum data transfer rate of 12 Mbps. 

Its installation is all plug and play and does not require any device driver installation and no configuration needed.  

This USB parallel port adapter cable is fully compatible with all three parallel modes of ECP(Extended Capabilities Port), EPP(Enhanced Parallel Port) and SPP (Standard Parallel Port).

Get your laptop or desktop PCs running Windows OS with one or additional printer port by converting from one of the existing USB port you have.

  • Fully plug and play installation. No device driver installation needed for all Windows OS.
  • Quickly add a virtual parallel port to the existing PC for use with parallel printers with DB25 connectors.
  • Ideal printer port solution for laptop PCs or desktops without a parallel printer port.
  • Easy installation and no setup or configuration needed.
  • Allows PCs with only USB ports to connect with any parallel-port printers, perfect for inkjet, laser and other IEEE-1284 compatible printers.
  • No IRQ sharing needed. Saves valuable resources for other I/O expansion cards.
  • Bi-directional data communication between PC and printer for high speed printing.
  • Fully compatible with ECP, EPP and SPP modes.
  • USB bus power. No external power supply needed. 
  • Supports all Windows OS including Win10, Win8/8.1, Win7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc.
  • DB25 parallel port x 1 female connector
  • USB connector x 1 type A male connector
  • Max data transfer speed: 1200000 Mbps/sec
  • Fully compliant with IEEE 1284 specifications
  • Auto assignment for I/O Interrupt address
  • Supports all Windows OS 
  • 3.5 feet cable length

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