Portable Alarm System With Motion Sensor

Portable Alarm System With Motion Sensor

Item# ALM100

Product Description

Portable Motion Alarm System With Expandable TerminalPortable Alarm System With Motion Sensor - ALM100
This compact motion sensor will detect anyone who attempts to enter the protected area. If motion is detected a powerful 90 db alarm siren will sound off to scare the intruder away and alert others to pay attention to the motion detected event. 

This alarm in portable size is suitable for home, office, patio, hotel room, retail store or travel use. It can be fixated on the wall horizontally or vertically or simply put it on the desk or hand carry it.

This motion alarm unit is 9V-battery operated and no wiring needed. It can be easily installed or moved to a new location. Also featured with a low battery LED indicator and an adjustable mounting bracket.  With this motion alarm, your family will be instantly alerted to potential dangers. Intruder will know that they have been detected.

In addition to the security purpose, this motion alarm can also be used in retail store, show room or reception area for notifying the personnel for greeting visitors in the needed area. Or users may set it up at camp site as the watchdog for all purposes.

Portable Personal Alarm
The typical alarm system was big, bulky motion detectors. All that has been changed with this motion alarm in compact size. It is great to be used at home for nursing care such as alerting parents if young children wander off into an area that might be hazardous such as a hot BBQ table, pool area or other potentially dangerous location.

Users may also aim this motion alarm to driveway, front/back door, windows and patio doors for extra home security. All other suitable applications including:

  • Home alarm
  • Restricted area
  • Monitoring surrounding areas
  • Travel protection
  • Visitors greeting
  • Camping

Alarm/Chime Mode
This motion alarm unit has a mode switch for selecting between different operation mode as needed:

  • Alarm Mode: When intruder is detected and alarm is trigger with 30 seconds siren sound. After setting this unit at alarm mode, there will be 15 seconds allowed for users to leave the detection area. And the similar entry delay will allow users to switch off the alarm after getting into the detection area.Slide Switch For Mini Alarm System With Motion Sensor
  • Chime Mode: ding-dong sound will be activated by any motion detected.
  • Off Mode: When at "OFF" mode, this this motion alarm is dis-armed and not active.

Expandable Security System
This motion sensor alarm system is expandable with two external hard-wired magnetic or IR detectors to become a small area security alarm system.

Terminal For External Detector Hookup
Inside the battery compartment of this motion alarm unit has an external terminal block for optional connection with up to 2 magnetic contact detectors or sensors. 

This external terminal block is a great option and very cost-efficient solution for many professionals to integrate multiple of these alarm units with existing or new home automation system and build up a solid security net with less cost.

Wide Detection Range
This mini motion detector alarm uses PIR passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders. It creates an unseen barrier that's impossible to be penetrated within 30 feet away. 

This motion alarm produces an infrared coverage range of 100 degree angle with 30ft max distance. Any motion event can be detected reliably within the effective range.

  • Pocket-sized mini motion alarm with sensitive motion sensor and easy for indoor installation.
  • Portable protection for personal and home use.
  • Can be fixated on the wall horizontally or vertically or simply put on the desk or hand carry.
  • Operated by DC9V alkaline battery (not supplied).
  • Low-battery LED indicator.
  • Low power consumption design for long lasting operation.
  • Expandable setup for connection with up to two external hard-wired magnetic or IR detectors.
  • Featured with external terminal block inside the battery compartment for optional hookup with external contact sensors or magnetic detectors.
  • Cost-efficient motion alarm with expandable option and further integration with existing or new home automation system.
  • Featured with ear piercing 90dB alarm siren sound when motion is detected within the covered area.
  • Swivel cabinet for adjustable detection angle.
  • Detects motion up to 10 feet away.
  • Wide 100-degree detection angle.
  • Slide switch for Alarm/Chime/Off setting.
Front And Back Of the Mini Alarm System With Motion Sensor

Detection Coverage   30 feet (at 20 degree C)
Detection Angle   100 degrees
Power   DC 9V / 500mAh Battery
Alarm Exit Delay Time   15 sec +/- 4 sec
Alarm Entry Delay Time   15 sec +/- 4 sec
Alarm Auto Reset Time   30 sec +/- 4 sec
Warm-Up Time   30 sec ~ 50 sec
Siren Sound   90 dB/ft
Operating Temperature   0 to 40 degree for indoor use
 External Trigger Input   2 ( Normal Close)

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