2-In-1 Wireless USB Print Server - USB Printer Network Adapter

2-In-1 Wireless USB Print Server - USB Printer Network Adapter

Item# W-USB-PS12

Product Description

Premium USB Print Server - USB Remote Printer Network Adapter

2-In-1 Wireless USB Print Server - USB Printer Network Adapter
This 2-in-1 wireless/wired print server is a cost-saving printer network adapter for all USB printer use. 

It can transform any USB printer into wireless printer or wired network printer so printer can be accessed by all computer users on the network.

Save money, space and less cable mess by having all computers share one printer over the local network or Wi-Fi.

Printers can be placed anywhere within the Wi-Fi range.

Easy setup and users can use the smartphone, tablet or computer to set up this device for the network use.

Easy Network Adapter For All USB Printer Use
This 2-in-1 wireless/wired printer network adapter allows any networked computer to access the USB printer connected with this print server device.

Place Your Printer Anywhere
This USB print server
offers the ability to place your printer anywhere as long as this print server can stay connected with Wi-Fi network or hotspot so other computers at home or in the office can access the same USB printer through the network.

Easy Wi-Fi Configuration
Users may change the IP address of this printer server by using smartphone, tablet or computer to connect into the hotspot of this printer server and change the default IP address if needed.

Easy Setup
The installation of this wireless USB print server unit is easy. 

At first printer driver needs to be installed on each networked computer in order to gain access of the USB printer connected through the printer server.

After connecting the USB server box to a wired or wireless router with power supply, users just proceed with same steps like adding a network printer in computer OS as the screenshots shown below.

Full Compatibility With Windows Mac OS
This USB print server box fully supports all Windows OS including Win10, Win8.1/Win8, Win7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.

Full Compatibility With All Printers
This usb printer sharing device is fully compatible with all printers including laser printers, thermal label printers, barcode printers and so on.

  • Premium 2-in-1 wireless/wired print server and printer network adapter for all USB printer use. 
  • This unique network server device turns USB printers into wired or wireless network printers so any computer on the network can access the networked USB printer through this IP-based print server box.
  • An easy and cost-saving device with super easy setup and no configuration needed.
  • Printer can be placed anywhere within the reach of the Wi-Fi or LAN and users can print from any computer over the network.
  • This USB print server helps save money, space and less cable mess by sharing one printer over the network for all users.
  • Users can configure the IP address of this device manually if needed through the Wi-Fi link using a smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • No additional printers needed and save money and no need to place the printer right next to the computer.
  • LED indication for power, connectivity and USB connection.
  • Compatible with the latest Windows OS versions including Win10, Win8.1/8, Wini7, Vista and XP and also Mac OS X.

  • Connectors: 
    • RJ45 network port x1
    • USB 2.0 port x 1
    • Micro USB port for DV 5V 1A power supply
  • Network Connection Method: Wi-Fi or wired hookup with LAN
  • Network Protocol Support: LPR, LPD, DHCP, UPnP
  • OS Support: Win10, Win8.1/8, Wini7, Vista, XP and Mac OS
  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP
  • Network Interface: 10/100Mbps
  • USB Connection: USB 2.0. Backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Standards: IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T, USB 2.0


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