Dual-Channel VGA HDMI/DVI PIP Video Mixer Frame Synchronizer

Dual-Channel VGA HDMI/DVI PIP Video Mixer Frame Synchronizer

Item# MPV-101

Product Description

Dual-Channel VGA HDMI/DVI PIP Video Mixer Frame Synchronizer
This dual channel VGA HDMI/DVI video mixer is an ideal solution for users to effortlessly combine any two video feeds for display on one screen.

This split-screen VGA/DVI/HDMI  PIP processor supports 2 DVI/HDMI inputs and 2 VGA inputs. 

Any 2 of the 4 inputs can be combined into one screen and outputted simultaneously in HDMI and VGA format with adjustable window size and screen position.  

Users can use the supplied IR remote for fast operation such as selecting between default/custom split screen modes, video inputs and so on. 

More detailed screen controls such as the video window position, video output sizing can be achieved through the RS232 software control using a PC with RS232 link with this video mixer.

The maximum VGA/DVI output from this video process is up to 1920x1200 pixels or HD 1080p. 

Dual-Channel Frame Synchronizer With Simultaneous HDMI VGA Outputs
This digital video processor system is featured with dual-channel frame synchronized output and switching. The internal frame synchronizer can help re-generate all sync signals from inputs for smooth and quality video output.

Dual video outputs are provided in both analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI/DVI) format for local monitoring, presentation and other purposes.

Both HDMI and VGA output are displayed in real time with no latency.

Detail Enhancement With Cinema Quality
The featured detail enhancement function of this video processor will improve the image detail on a pixel-by-pixel basis, delivering sharper and clear images.

Front/Back Panel Of Dual-Channel VGA HDMI/DVI PIP Video Mixer Frame Synchronizer

PIP/PAP Support
This multi-function video mixer supports various screen modes including Picture-In-Picture (PIP), 2-channel split-screen(PAP) and full-screen display for single channel. 

With PIP support, users can view two video sources on the same TV, one video shown in the main TV screen with 2nd video shown in smaller video window on top of the main channel. 

Multiple Split-Screen Mode Examples
HDMI + VGA / PAP mode HDMI1 + HDMI2 / PAP Mode VGA + HDMI / POP Mode HDMI1 + HDMI2 / PIP Mode
VGA1 + VGA2 / PAP Mode VGA1 + VGA2 / PIP Mode HDMI + VGA PAP Mode HDMI + VGA / PIP Mode

External RS232 Software For PC Control
This split-screen video system is a stand alone unit, useable out of the box for easy setup. It also provides a RS232 serial port for link with PC so users can customize the PIP or split screen formation through the RS232 control software included in the package. 

This optional PC control software allows users to freely customize major tasks such as:

  • video input selection for main window, PIP window or PAP window.
  • controlling video windows' sizes.
  • positioning video windows on the screen .
  • controlling video output resolution.
  • channel swapping between main window and PIP window

And the new split screen layout will be reflected on the TV or projector screen in real time. 

Customizing Split-Screen Layouts
For detailed control and operation, users can use a PC with the RS232 software installed for controlling this video mixer through its RS232 console link.

The PC control software is easy to use and allows users to change the size or location of the 2 video windows from the software screen. And the video mixer hardware will synchronize with TV or the monitor display to  show the new screen formation created by user.

PIP Screen Customization
Example 1

PIP Screen Customization Example 2

PIP Screen Customization 
Example 3

PIP Screen Customization
Example 4

Saving The Customized Layouts
The video mixer hardware provides function for users to save the customized screen layouts created into IR remote and system hardware unit:

  • maximum 5 of customized video window layouts can be saved into the numeric buttons on the IR remote controller
  • unlimited number of customized video window layouts can be stored into the system memory of the hardware box 

so users can quickly bring up the desired screen formation for presentation. Fast setup without re-configuring the system again next time.

  • Professional HDMI VGA video mixer for displaying dual video or computer screens on single TV monitor with optimized image quality and sensational results.
  • All-in-1 video mixer, video format converter, video switcher and video splitter.
  • Supports 2 DVI/HDMI inputs and 2 VGA inputs. 
  • Any 2 of the 4 inputs can be combined into one screen and outputted simultaneously in HDMI and VGA format for supreme quality graphics, fine text and crisp video images.
  • Designed for high-clarity applications with selectable digital HDMI/DVI and analog VGA output resolutions up to 1080P or 1920x1200 pixels.
  • Dual VGA/DVI outputs are provided so one is connected for simultaneous remote display and real time on-site monitoring. 
  • Featured with dual-channel frame synchronizer allowing video mixing of any two A/V sources in real time with no lags.
  • Easy PC software control for custom multi-view screen layout design and adjustable PIP/PAP video window sizes and position.
  • IR remote offers total of 9 screen mode selection, 4 default screen modes + 5 custom-made layouts created by using the PC software.
  • Unlimited number of custom-made screen layouts created by PC software can be stored into the mixer hardware.
  • Cascade modules to add more input source signals in video windows to be displayed on one monitor.
  • PC RS232 control software supports all windows OS including Win10, Win 8/8.1, Win7, Vista and XP.
  • Worldwide video system support for all NTSC and PAL inputs.

  • Video Inputs: VGA female x 2 + HDMI female x 2 (no audio pass)
  • Video Outputs: HDMI + VGA
  • Video Output Resolution support:
    • 800x600 @60Hz
    • 1024x768 @60Hz
    • 1280x720 @50/60Hz
    • 1280x768 @60Hz
    • 1280x1024 @50/60Hz
    • 1366x768 @60Hz
    • 1440x900 @60Hz
    • 1600x1200 @60Hz
    • 1920x1080 @50/60Hz
    • 1920x1200 @50/60Hz
  • Operation Control:
    • IR remote controller
    • Push buttons on the front panel
    • RS-232 console port 
  • Split Screen Modes:
    • PIP (Picture-In-Picture)
    • PAP (Picture-And-Picture)
    • User-defined split-screen modes
    • Full Screen mode
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):  9.3"(L) x 7.3"(W) x 1.8"(H) or 240mm x 185mm x 46mm
  • Power Supply: 110V - 240V AC input with DC 12V 2A output

  • Video mixer unit 
  • USB to serial port RS232 adapter cable
  • IR remote controller 
  • Software CD
  • Power adapter
  • User manual

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