Mini Battery-Powered White LED Motion Sensor Light

Mini Battery-Powered White LED Motion Sensor Light

Item# MLIGHT100

Product Description

Battery-Powered White LED Motion Sensor Light
This smart motion-controlled LED senor light is designed for mobile use and easy mounting anywhere as needed. It is operated by 3 of AA batteries and no wire needed for its installation. 

It provides users with a safe and very energy-efficient lighting solution for the needed areas. When the motion sensor detects movement, bright LEDs will illuminate the area around it. 

With an advanced photocell sensor built into it, this motion LED light can be used for automatic mode, meaning only motion-activated in darkness or low ambient light condition so it is very energy efficient with extreme low power consumption and long battery life.

This LED sensor light can also be configured for always light on or off by using the 3-way toggle switch inside the light base to select the operation mode needed.

The motion-activated LED technology provides bright and glare-free illumination for any poorly lit environment such as hallway, storage room, cabinet, car trunk, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, garage, etc. A great motion sensor light for security, night light and any area where light is needed.

Easy Mounting With No Wiring Needed
No professional installation needed at all ! This light is so compact and light weight. It can be installed wherever you need it.

This light can be mounted in various ways such as:

  • by screws (not included)
  • by magnetic suction to stick on metal surface
  • by push pins to hang on the wall
  • by double-sided tapes to stick on anywhere such as hallway, stairway, kitchen, garage, cabinet, closet, storage room, car trunk, etc.

This motion LED light will stay on automatically for 30 to 40 seconds once it is triggered by motion then turn itself off.

Smart Motion Sensor
This LED light has an infrared motion sensor built in so the LEDs will be switched on and brightly illuminate the area immediately around it whenever its motion sensor detects a movement in a room such as when someone begins to walk through hallway, corridor, basement, garage, bathroom, kitchen or closet.

Energy-Saving Photocell Sensor
he built-in photocell sensor of this motion-triggered LED light will detect the daylight level. This sensor-controlled LED light will turn off itself during the day or when the location already illuminated properly with other light source. 

It will only be active when the ambient light level at the location is low or dark. 

3-Way Operation Mode Switch
This motion-activated light has a 3-way switch built in. Users can open the base of the light and find a toggle switch to select 3 different operation modes:

  • Auto mode: set for light to be turned on only when a movement of heated object is detected.
  • Always-On mode: set for light to be turned on all the time. Motion sensor is disabled in this mode
  • Light-Off mode: set for light to be turned off all the time.

  • Smart motion-activated lamp with 15 pieces of LEDs.
  • Easy mounting through hooks, mounting screws, magnet on the back or double-sided tapes.
  • Great energy saving lighting solution with photocell sensor built in, controlling the light to be activated only when in darkness or low light condition.
  • Stay lit automatically for 30 to 40 seconds once the movement is detected before switching itself off.
  • The built-in photocell saves electricity by turning off the LED light automatically during the day or when the location is properly illuminated.
  • Safe and security lighting solution with passive IR motion sensor, controlling the light to be switched on when movement is detected.
  • Featured with flexible arm for easy adjusting the illumination at different angles desired.
  • Very energy efficient with extreme low power consumption.
  • Great alternative night light solution and for any area where light is needed.
  • Designed for use in poorly lit area such as hallway, cabinet, closet, corridors, storage room, basement, bathroom, kitchen, garage, car trunk, etc.

  • Motion Detection Maximum Range: 2.5 meters or 8 feet
  • MAX Power Consumption: 0.6 W 
  • Power Supply: AA battery x 3 (not included)
  • Motion Engagement Period: 30 to 40 seconds
  • IR Sensor Angle: 120 degree
  • IR LED: 15 pieces
  • Size: 80mm x 80 mmx 33mm or 3.1" x 3.1" x 1.3"

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