Long-Range Wireless IR Remote Range Extender - 650FT Max

Long-Range Wireless IR Remote Range Extender - 650FT Max

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Product Description

Long-Range Wireless IR Remote Range Extender - 60kHz
This wireless remote control sender kit provides users with an ideal wireless solution for controlling home AV setups that have audio video equipments etc. located behind closed doors, cabinet, closet or in another room

This wireless IR Extender is designed to repeat and carry the IR remote control's signal to where it needs to go. It controls video audio sources without the need for direct line of sight.

The maximum control range is up to 650 feet away through walls, doors, ceilings, floors, etc. It can work through closet doors and closed entertainment system cabinet. [Note]: The wireless operating distance will vary depending on the building layout, surrounding obstructions, and electronic interference and may be less than the maximum distance.

Our wireless IR remote extender repeater is easy to install and ultra compact. Its mini compact size is perfect to store beneath / under your wall mounted TVs.

This remote control range extender kit gives users the ability to control A/V devices for out-of-sight setup such as from cabinet or another room, adding flexibility or streamline your home audio video applications, without having to stay within range to control the equipments.

Long Range 650-Feet Transmission
Its maximum transmission distance can be reached up to 200 meters or 650 feet when in wide open or clear-line-of-sight area. If there are walls, floors or other barriers for the RF signal to pass through, the effective range will be reduced accordingly.

This remote control extender is comprised of two units - one local IR extender, which accepts the incoming IR signal from the remote control and wirelessly transmits it to the 2nd IR extender unit (receiver) positioned near the electronic device to be controlled at distance.

Easy Installation
The installation is very easy with no configuration needed at all. The IR remote transmitter unit should be close to the user so the remote controller can aim toward the transmitter for broadcasting in RF frequency for the receiver's location.

And the paired IR receiver should be placed at the remote location for connection with the A/V source devices to be controlled such as DVD player, cable box and so on.

At last plug the IR sensor wire into the receiver unit and have the mouse tail end of the sensor wire stay closed or simply affixed onto the front panel of the A/V equipment to be controlled with a tape.

Then the IR receiver will emit the remote control signal through the connected IR sensor dongle toward the controlled device.

Solid RF Signal Pass
This wireless IR remote control extender kit enables you to extend the operation range of your existing remote controller to greater distance. It uses the solid RF frequency that can pass through walls, doors, ceilings and corners.

Device ID For Safety And Interference-Free Pairing
This wireless IR extender is featured with unique ID lock button design. Each transmitter(TX) and receiver(RX) unit has a ID lock button.

This is advantageous for multiple sets of TX's and RX's needed to be deployed closely in the same area.

When all units working together in the same range, transmitters will not not interfere with each other. And receivers will communicate with the corresponding transmitter bearing the same ID code and transmitters will not interfere with other receiver units in the same surrounding neighborhood.

Wide Compatibility Support
This kit provides truly universal compatibility with all remote controllers because of its wide range support of IR data rate from 20Khz up to 60 KHz, not like other cheaper remote extenders with limited support up to 30 KHz only.

This is import since some manufacturers of the STB/satellite receivers adopts the higher 38Khz to 58Khz range for the design of their remote controls. Regular remote extender models may just not work with your satellite's remote.

Detachable And High Gain Antenna
This IR remote extender kit adopts the external antenna design, far better than all other comparable kits with internal antenna hidden inside the unit.

The exterior antenna is detachable and can be replaced with more powerful antenna if needed.

Flexible Device Control
Both the TX and RX unit already have IR sensor port and IR blast port built in. So the IR remote and the AV device to be controlled can just sit close to the transmitter and receiver for clear line of sight setup.

Extender units also have 3.5mm ports for plug-in of external IR sensor wire and blaster wire for those hard-to-reach areas such as closet or cabinet.

These optional IR sensor wire and IR blaster wire are included in each standard package and they very advantageous for extending the reception distance from a IR remote and extending the blasting distance of IR control signal toward the AV device to be controlled

So users can hide the receiver unit and the IR electronic devices behind the TV or inside the A/V cabinet. The remote control extender may also be used in CCTV systems for remote control of DVRs located in different room than the site of the operator.

Easy Extender Wire Extension
The IR extender/sensor wire used in the receiver unit has a 3.5mm plug. If you need to extend this extender wire for longer distance, you can simply use longer 3.5mm audio extension cable for much longer distance.

  • Extends IR remote control signal and stays in control of consumer electronics device that is out of sight or from greater distance.
  • A must-have IR remote extender solution for concealing A/V components equipment inside an entertainment system cabinet or closet for a clean and stylish look.
  • Long-range wireless signals with maximum transmission range up to 656ft (200m) away.
  • Provides broader compatibility with most IR remotes for its wide range support of IR data rate from 20Khz up to 60 KHz, not like other cheaper remote extenders with limited support up to 30 KHz only.
  • High performance IR electronics provide real time signal transmission without delay,
  • Built-in LED indicator illuminates when the IR signal is received for easy status recognition
  • Portable size with IR Blaster and IR Receiver extension cables included allows easy and flexible placement anywhere in a home or office environment
  • Premium quality metal housing enhances heat dissipation and durability for dependable performance and long life
  • High-gain antenna with retractable and extendable up to 8 inch tall for great reception and longer range.
  • IR senor wire dongle can be easily extended using 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Powered by USB port or 5V/DC power adapter included.
  • Works with most DVD players, home theater systems, satellite receivers, cable boxes, stereo receivers, audio video receivers and any other infrared remote control operated devices.

  • Wireless Frequency: 915MHz
  • IR Control Frequency Range: 20KHz - 60KHz
  • Max Transmission Distance: up to 656ft (200m), line-of-sight
  • Connectors For TX unit:
    • 1x, 3.5mm, IR Jack, Receiver
    • 1x, DC Jack, USB power input
    • 1x, IR Receiver sensor
    • 1x, IR LED indicator
    • 1x, Click button, lock ID
  • Connectors For RX unit:
    • 1x 3.5mm, IR Jack, Emitter
    • 1x DC Jack, USB power input
    • 1x IR Emitter sensor
    • 1x IR LED indicator
    • 1x Click button, lock ID
  • Power Gain: 10dBm
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Power Supply:
    • USB 5V or DC 5V
    • Power consumption: 300mW
  • Dimensions: 3.07" (L) x 1.22" (H) x 1.73" (W)

  • Wireless IR extender kit
  • USB power cable x 2
  • USB to AC/DC charger x 2
  • IR blaster extension cable x 1
  • IR receiver extension cable x 1
  • User reference guide

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