Premium Twin Head Swivel Flood Light With Motion Sensor

Premium Twin Head Swivel Flood Light With Motion Sensor


Product Description

Twin Head Flood Light With Motion Sensor and Multi-Swivel Design
This twin-spot floodlight is a unique indoor/outdoor lighting system for your home and business security use. At night, Its built-in PIR infrared motion sensor of this lighting fixture turns on the the light when it detects motion in its coverage area.

A highly configurable motion detector with adjustable Time and Lux sensor functions let users select how long the light will stay on after activation. During the day, the built-in photocell saves electricity by deactivating this floodlight automatically.

This light system is made with weather-resistant metal housing and twin head holders for dual lighting direction. Ideal for mounting under eaves or on walls to brightly illuminate entryways, driveways or scaring away intruders.  

Flexible Multi-Swivel Design
This light is famed with its multi-swivel design. The two arms for the lamp holders and one main arm for holding the motion senor are full of rotary bases. Users can easily adjust the angles from lamp holder or the motion sensor to any desired position. This light system can be projected to any area and the motion senor can be positioned and applied to areas needed for best detection. No more dark corner or blind spot in your drive way or parking lot.

Wide Motion Detect View Coverage
This floodlight system is featured with adjustable motion sensor with swivel design, which allows user to adjust the motion detect angle to cover much wider areas for more security and other purposes:

  • The max object detection distance can be up to 68 feet.
  • The max effective detection range up to 240 degree vertical view. For smaller area coverage, aim the sensor lens downward. If wider coverage area is needed, point the sensor upward.

Dual Operation Modes
This motion sensor floodlight system supports auto and manual override modes for operation:
Timer Adjustment For Light On

  • Auto mode: When the motion sensor detects motion, the light will turn on by itself. The built-in photocell turns the sensor off and on according to the light level selected by the user.
  • Manual mode: Users can override the auto mode in order to keep the floodlight on regardless of the motion. This is convenient source of work light source  for use in driveway, garage or parking lot.

Lighting Lux-Level Adjustment
The LUX level adjustment allows users to determine at what daylight level this lighting system will start to kick in at auto mode. User can turn the knob from the bottom of the motion sensor to determine when to activate the motion detect as the daylight declines during the day.

Timer Adjustment For Light On
The adjustable timer knob from the bottom of the motion sensor lets user select how long the floodlight will stay on after motion being detected. Set the time length for this motion detector floodlight to stay on between 5 seconds and up to 12 minutes after movement has detected.

Comprehensive Light Bulb Support
Any common incandescent bulb, CFL compact fluorescent bulb, LED bulb, halogen bulb for PAR30 or PAR38 type can be used with this light.

Corrosion Resistant Housing
This lighting fixture is ideal for all-weather outdoor applications where corrosion-resistant metal construction and durability are crucial.

  • Premium twin head flood flight with swivel arms and motion sensor built in.
  • Weather-resistant housing with dual head holders for dual lighting direction.
  • Supports 2 of 150W light bulbs for total of 300W high lighting load capacity. (bulbs not included in the standard package)
  • Any common incandescent bulb, CFL compact fluorescent bulb, LED bulb, halogen bulb for PAR30 or PAR38 type can be used with this light.
  • Perfect for wall or eave mount applications.
  • Highly sensitive infrared motion sensor built in to detect motion and turns on when dark.
  • Multi-swivel rotary design allowing user to adjust the motion detection and lighting angles for optimum monitoring and lighting coverage. 
  • Super wide 240-degree motion detection angle with 68 ft effective distance.
  • Supports both automatic operation mode and manual operation mode.
  • Manual override function to set floodlight continuously on if needed and allow user to override the auto mode manually based upon the ambient light level.
  • Built-in light Lux sensor for automatic dusk-to-dawn control.
  • Easy timer design to control the time period for the light to stay on once motion detected.
  • Temperature compensation for constant detection range throughout the seasons.
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant die cast metal housing for all-weather outdoor setup.
  • 100% weather proof suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • UL safety certified.

Voltage Requirement   AC 120V/60Hz
Lighting Load   Max 150W x 2
Detection Range   68ft(minimum) x 240 degrees at 68F
Motion Sensor Swiveling Angle
  • Lamp part: Horizontal 180 degrees ( 90 left/right)
  • Sensor part: Horizontal 180 degrees Vertical 90 degrees
Light-On Timer Adjustment   From 5 sec to 12 min.
Lux Adjustment   Yes
Operation Mode Switch Function   Off / Auto / Manual Override

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