Premium Twin-Head Spot Light Sytem With IR Motion Sensor + Time/Lux Adjustment

Premium Twin-Head Spot Light Sytem With IR Motion Sensor + Time/Lux Adjustment


Product Description

Twin-Spot Lamp With Motion Sensor + Photocell SensorTwin-Spot Lamp With Motion Sensor + Photocell Sensor
This PIR motion-activated lamp is a unique wall lamp system for home or business. Featured with advanced PIR motion sensor and smart photocell sensor built in for 24/7 dusk-to-dawn operation. 

This twin-spot lamp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Ideal for mounting under eaves or on the walls to brightly illuminate entryways, driveways or scaring away intruders.

Made with weather-resistant metal housing and twin head holders for dual lighting direction. It can be operated in auto mode or manual override mode for all needed setups.

When operated in auto mode, the built-in motion sensor turns on the lamp at night when it detects movement from the monitored area.

During the day, the built-in photocell sensor automatically de-activate the motion detector according to the user-defined sunlight level when set for auto mode. 

Home owner can use the LITE/Lux adjustment knob on the light to control when to deactivate the light when in broad daylight and no watchdog motion detection needed. 

When operated in manual override mode, the lamp can provide 4 to 6 hours of continuous illumination from regular dusk to dawn operation.

Advanced PIR Motion Sensor
The lamp's motion sensor provides a handy watchdog feature for monitoring areas that need instant illumination for security boost such as warehouse, hallway, patio, porch, driveway, stairway, garage, etc.

An adjustable timer knob on the lamp allows users to select how long the lamp stays on after motion-activated events.

Smart Photocell Sensor
The lamp also has a small photocell sensor, which can detect the sunlight lux level. When the lamp is set for auto mode, this sensor decides when to activate or de-activate the motion detector based upon the user-defined sun light level.  

This photocell sensor also saves electricity by deactivating this floodlight automatically during the day. 

Wide Motion Detection Coverage
This motion-activated lamp can cover wider range of area than all other comparable models on the market:

  • The max object detection distance can be up to 40 feet.
  • The max effective detection range up to 110 degree vertical view. For smaller area coverage, aim the sensor lens downward. If wider coverage area is needed, point the sensor upward.
  • The adjustable angle for this floodlighting fixture can be up to 50-degree outward and 36-degree upward or downward depending on individual need.

Flexible Multi-Swivel Design
This motion-activated lamp is featured with swivel design. The two arms for the lamp holders are full of rotary joints, which allows user to adjust the angle of light upward, downward, left or right for covering desired areas as needed.

This lamp can project the light to two different areas where the motion senor can cover area needed for security detection. No more dark corner or blind spot in your drive way or parking lot.

Auto/Manual Operations
This wall lantern system can be easily controlled through using the wall switch connected to it for different operation modes:

  • Auto Mode: Turn on the wall switch, the lantern will be turned on when the motion sensor detects motion within the area.  The light will be switched off after the motion is stopped or out of the detection range. Its built-in photocell will turn on/off the motion sensor according to the light sensitivity level selected by the LITE/Lux adjustment.Free 150W Halogen Light Bulb For The Motion Sensor Security Floodlight
  • Manual Override Mode: Users can choose to keep the lantern on regardless of the motion by overriding the auto mode. Turn the wall off and on twice within 4 seconds. In manual override mode, the lantern will remain on for about 4 to 6 hours regardless of motion. then the lantern will turn off and be reset back to the default auto mode automatically.
  • Reset Mode: Users can also set the motion sensor back to auto mode by turning off the wall switch for 10 sec or longer and then turn the switch back on again.

Time And LITE/Lux Control
There are two control knobs above the motion sensor. One control knob for the time control and the other knob for Lite/Lux level. The time adjustment knob allows user to control how long for the lamp to stay on after the motion detected. The time span for the lamp to stay lit is from minimum of 5 sec to maximum of 12 minutes.

The LITE/Lux adjustment knob allows user to set the photocell light sensor and control when to activate or de-activate the watchdog motion detection mode based upon the light level for auto mode operation.

Corrosion-Resistant Housing
This lighting fixture is enclosed with sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and it is built for all-weather outdoor applications where corrosion-resistant metal construction and durability are crucial. 

  • Unique motion-activated wall lamp system for home or business security lighting.
  • Professional-grade spot lighting and floodlight for use in patio, porch, driveway, stairway, garage, etc.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor setup with 24/7 dusk-to-dawn operation.
  • Supports auto operation mode and manual override mode for all needed purposes.
  • Advanced PIR motion sensor built in to detect objects at night approaching the monitoring area and turns on the light automatically for auto mode use.
  • Smart photocell sensor built in for deciding when to activate or de-activate the motion detector based upon the user-defined sun light level.
  • Photocell sensor saves electricity by deactivating the lamp automatically during the day for auto mode. 
  • 4 to 6 hours of dusk-to-dawn continuous illumination when set for manual over-ride mode.
  • Wide-range motion detection with maximum distance of 40 feet and 110 degrees.
  • Time duration control knob allowing users to set the time period of the light to stay on after motion-activated event. 
  • Easy LITE/Lux adjustment knob allowing user to set the trigger point for when to activate or de-activate the watchdog motion detection mode based upon the light level for auto mode operation.
  • Corrosion-resistant die-cast metal construction for outdoor weather-proof installation.
  • Max lighting load of 300W for 2 of 150W halogen bulbs.
  • Free halogen bulbs included.

Power Requirement AC 120V, 60Hz
Lighting load Max 150W x 2 Halogen bulbs 
Motion Detection Angle Up to 110 degree 
Motion Detection Distance Up to 40 feet(14 meters)
Spot Light Angle
  • 50-degree vertical/outward 
  • 36-dgree horizontal/downward
Mounting Height Recommended 6 to 8 FT above the  ground for wall-mount setup
Wall Switch Control On / Off / Manual Override / Auto Reset
Time Adjustment 5 sec to 12 min
Lux Adjustment 5 to 1000 lux
Warm-Up Time Span 1 minute
Dimension 12.2"(W) x 6.3"(D) x 7.3"(H)
Protection Degree IP44
Safety Certificate UL, cUL

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