USB 5.1 Surround Sound card With Optical Audio Input/Output

USB 5.1 Surround Sound card With Optical Audio Input/Output

Item# AU-USB105

Product Description

USB Surround Sound Converter With Digital Optical Audio Input Out
This USB surround sound converter provides PC users with a cost-effective surround sound solution to upgrade their PCs with 5.1 multi-channel surround sound or digital audio output without no complicated hardware upgrade. Save money and gain more entertainment.

This USB audio controller is a great addition to your computer entertainment showcase. It does not require or need to work with existing sound card in PC. It actually can replace existing sound card.

Turns computer mono sound into surround sonic quality instantly so users can enjoy the high quality playback of the downloaded MP3 music, internet movie, CD music, DVDs or online game with full cinematic surround sound through their home theater system, multimedia speaker system or gaming headphone with surround sound support.

Super Easy Setup
The installation of this usb surround adapter is so easy. Just plug the usb cable of this usb device into a PC and Windows shall recognize the new hardware and automatically install all the components needed for you.

This USB surround sound converter supports all Windows OS with no device driver needed.

Multiple Digital Analog Audio Outputs
By connecting this USB sound converter to Windows-based PC system, it can expand PC with digital audio and analog audio outputs such as:

  • Front Out Channel: for front right and front left channel output and stereo playback on powered speakers or headphones.
  • Rear Out Channel: for rear right and rear left channel output  when used in 5.1 playback mode with surround speakers or home theater system.
  • Center/Bass Channel: for center and sub-woofer speakers in 5.1 surround or 2.1 mode.
  • Digital Optical Out: for playback in digital PCM audio format from computer through its S/PDIF Toslink port.

Multiple Digital Analog Audio Inputs
This USB audio device can also expand PC with digital audio and analog audio inputs including:Application Diagram For USB 5.1 7.1 Channel Surround Sound Box

  • Line-In: for connection with line-level audio input sources such as CD player, MP3, cassette players, etc for recording purpose.
  • Microphone In: used for connecting an external microphone or the boom mic with a headset.
  • Digital Optical Audio Input: for recording digital audio from audio receiver, amplifier, mixer or recorder and saved in computer files for playback or disc production.
Home Theater Experience And Cinema Surround Effect
This usb audio converter transforms ordinary mono or 2-channel PC audio with expanded sound fields to deliver the excitement of surround sound content.

With total of 6 channel surround sound output from this usb sound box, your CD/MP3 music, DVD movies or online games come alive when played through powered surround sound speakers, subwoofers or surround sound headphones. 

Users can configure this USB audio sound adapter to have 23 special audio effects simulating auditorium, arena, hallway, stone room and so on from the audio software. 

The 10-band equalizer can help users modify the frequency response or tone of their audio system. You can also select from a group of factory presets or save user defined presets.

Screenshots Of Audio Configuration Screen

Main Setting Audio Input/Output Setting Karaoke Adjustment Digital Sonic Effect Select

Full Duplex USB Audio Recorder
This USB audio controller supports full duplex audio playback and media recording in either digital or analog audio format. No computer sound card needed for its operation and can serve as a computer sound card.  

Users can record and edit meetings, memos, music and other audio sounds into your computer via this USB audio adapter.  Monitor room sounds while using headphones. Connect a headset with microphone for use with Internet phone or online chat software.

The sampling rates for digital/analog audio recording and playback are operated as follows:

  • Digital audio recording at 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz sampling rate
  • Analog audio recording at 48KHz sampling rate
  • Digital optical and analog 5.1 surround audio playback at 48KHz sampling rate

[Note]: Digital audio output for playback or digital audio input for recording are limited to 2-channel operation only.

  • Super easy plug and play operation. No device driver installation needed for all Windows OS.
  • Premium USB-based surround sound converter with analog 6-channel surround output.
  • 6 channel DAC output with 16-bit resolution.
  • 2 channel ADC input with 16-bit resolution.
  • Full-duplex audio playback, recording and media streaming without no sound card required in PC.
  • Expand computer with digital S/PDIF optical Input and output.
  • Supports AES/EBU, IEC60958, S/PDIF consumer formats for stereo PCM audio.
  • Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. with your computer for recording and playback.
  • Selectable 2-channel, 4-channel, 6-channel analog surround output.
  • Supports digital recording function with 32 KBz, 44.1KHz and 48 KHz sampling rate.
  • Supports fixed 48KHz sampling rate for analog recording function.
  • Fast replacement of the broken onboard sound card from the existing PC.
  • True multi-channel surround sound effect for DVD movie sound track, music CD or MP3 files on headphones or home theater systems.
  • Supports digital audio pass-through.
  • Supreme stereo output provided for connection with headphones or powered speakers to your PC or laptop.
  • Supports all Windows OS including Win10, Win8/8.1, Win7, Vista, XP, 2000.

  • Audio Outputs:
    • Front right/left outputs via 3.5mm mini jack x 1
    • Rear right/left outputs via 3.5mm mini jack x 1
    • Center/Bass outputs via 3.5mm mini jack x 1 
    • Digital S/PDIF output through optical Toslink port.
  • Audio Inputs:
    • Line in
    • Microphone input
    • Digital S/PDIF input through optical Toslink in
  • Digital To Analog Conversion: 6-channel with 16-bit sampling at 48 / 44.1 KHz for analog recording and playback.
  • Analog To Digital Conversion: 2-channel with 16-bit sampling at 48 KHz for digital recording and playback.
  • USB audio device class spec. 1.0
  • USB HID class spec. 1.1 compliant
  • Full-duplex recording and play-back
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8/8.1, Win10

  • USB surround sound audio converter x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • CD disc x 1 for user manual and audio configuration software

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