2-Way PC Text Graphic Over Video Overlay Processor Mixer

2-Way PC Text Graphic Over Video Overlay Processor Mixer

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Product Description

Two-Way PC VGA Video Text Graphic Overlay ProcessorTwo-Way PC VGA Video Text Graphic Overlay Processor
This VGA-to-video and video-to-VGA dual overlay processor is designed to overlay any PC VGA signal or computer-generated text/graphics onto existing video footage or vice versa for overlaying video feed onto computer VGA screen with chroma keying blending effect.

This package superimposes the computer text/graphics image onto the external composite video signal or mix the video camera signal with the PC VGA input signal for special visual composite effect.

This video overlay system provides user a perfect DIY tool and cost effective solution to produce real time blended video output and 

add company logo/Icon, digital images, photos, subtitles, lyrics, etc onto the video feeds for creating powerful informational video for digital signage, multimedia project, education, advertising, media center, video studios, wedding photographers and all post production related tasks.

Even home users can make their own amazing multimedia content and see special video overlay effect results in real time just like what the professionals are doing. Give your home movies and business presentation a boost by adding text and graphic to your home or corporate video now.

Multiple Video Inputs And Outputs 
This system is featured with one VGA input, one composite RCA input and one S-Video input for the background source. 

The overlay outputs are simultaneously available through its RCA video out and S-Video out at the same time with no lags. 

The VGA input and VGA out of this overlay processor creates the VGA loop-through so users can have the computer screen displayed simultaneously on both VGA monitor and TV set at the same time for monitoring.

Multiple Video Processing Modes
This video overlay system offers numerous features and operation modes, which can be used in conjunction with the included software.

The are 4 selectable operation modes available from the on-screen menu:

  • VGA pass-through mode for viewing the computer screen on a TV or video monitor before overlay or mixing process.
  • Video pass-through mode for viewing the videos from the composite RCA or S-video input alone on TV before overlay or mixing process.
  • Mixer mode to display the mixing result after the process that the computer-generated content or the whole computer screen will be semi transparent and superimposed on top of the composite RCA or s-video source such as video camera or DVD player.
  • Overlay mode with 4 selectable chroma color keying in blue, green, red and black color. When using the selected color keying for background at overlay mode, the blue/green/red/black color background form the VGA input or video input will be keyed away and reveal the image behind it depending on whether PC VGA keying or Video keying is selected for operation. 

Differences between Mixer and Overlay modes. Mixer mode shows both the whole computer input screen together with the composite video input while the computer VGA signal or composite video signal will look semi-transparent and overlap with the other video screen. 

Advanced Chroma Color Keying
Chroma key backgrounds are popular in digital video production and editing. It is a technique used for combining two images/frames together in which a color from one image is removed or made transparent, revealing another image behind it.

It is a great way to add special visual effect to the video footage and widely used in film and video production to combine multiple images into a single image stream. Typical example is like having a news reporter standing in front of a green or blue screen as foreground and then overlaying the footage of a news reporter over a computer-generated animated map or weather-radar scene in the background.

Dual Overlay Process
The overlay mode of this unit will help users remove the mono tone color from the backdrop of a computer source or video source input. There are two ways of color keying used in overlay mode. One is PC key used for chroma effect on VGA input and the other CV key is used for chroma keying on the analog video input source.

Overlay mode with PC key selected will remove all the mono color background from the editor screen of the caption software on a PC and displays the remains on top of the video image in solid color (non transparent). 

So if you have text or images over a blue/green/red/black background, the only portion to be shown on top of the video will be the text or image part. Visually the text message or computer graphics are superimposed onto the video.

When the CV key (video key) is selected in overlay mode, this unit will remove the selected blue/green/blue/red color background from the selected RCA or S-Video input and displays the remains on top of the computer VGA input. 

So if the video input is from camera with a teacher or instructor standing in front of a green backdrop, the green color background will be keyed away when the unit is set for CV key, resulting in showing only the footage of teacher/instructor on top of a computer-generated data sheet. 

The final composite video output will show teacher/instructor standing in front of the spread sheet screen or whatever the computer screen as the background.

PC VGA-Based Chroma Keying
This equipment can help overlay the computer-generated texts/titles/captions, graphics, photo images, logos, banners with external video feed from media sources like video camera, camcorder, DVD player, 

Users will need to install the caption software on a PC first. Text arrangement such as text color, font style, cursor positioning, and the background color can be all controlled and arranged through the editor screen of the supplied caption software. 

Graphic images (such a logos or icon image) can also be imported to the caption editor screen of a PC to create on-screen sprites. Still images or animated icons in gif format can all be added to an incoming video source or a self-generated color background.

Other controls include showing/hiding the text, showing/hiding picture images, showing/hiding the caption area and showing/hiding the clock on the page. 

This caption software also provides users with great flexibility to arrange text titles or messages in rolling or static style for advertisement to appear on videos. Text scrolling can be in either horizontal or vertical styles as the following screens showing:

Vertical Style Text RollingHorizontal Style Text Rolling

Easy Caption Software Operation
The captioning software provides easy subtitling with comprehensive selection of font styles, font colors, graphics and backgrounds. Users can use this software for achieving the following tasks:

  • Writing up video text messages or subtitles in rolling or static style for advertisement to appear on video footage.
  • Importing graphical images from a digital camera or scanner to the editor screen for composing first before publishing them.
  • Adding company logos or banner to the video feed for signage or advertising.
  • Adding clock time to the video screen for information purpose.

Also a perfect tool for DIY Karaoke content by creating special visual effects like Icons, pictures, graphics, titles, subtitles, lyrics, deception, time clock, date, etc to the music video for private video production.

Application Diagram For The Text Graphic Over Video Overlay Processor

Adjustable Color Keying Levels
Users can toggle through selection of different chroma color key effects to calibrate a chroma key effect. The unit's tolerance for error in the color keying can be adjusted manually. There are various intensity levels of color keying effect from the on-screen system menu for users to control and adjust color keying effect and achieve the best results desired.

RS-232 Console Control Port
Like most of the professional model, this video overlay processor can be controlled via the RS232 serial port commands, which allows this unit to be more easily integrated with other console control systems and long distance control basic ASCII code commands that allow for quick and easy programming.

The RS232 serial port adapter cable is included in the standard package for console system integration.

Application Diagram For The Text Graphic Over Video Overlay Processor

  • Full-featured two-way PC VGA/Composite video overlay processor with selectable background color keying.
  • High quality video overlay output and cost effective solution of adding text titles and images into existing video feeds in real time for applications such as captioning, advertising, logo insertions and adding computer data to external video feed.
  • Superimpose PC-generated texts and graphics onto analog video feed from camera or DVD player onto live video feeds for instant broadcasting.
  • Superimpose video signal onto the connected VGA input source.
  • Selectable PC VGA key or CV video key for overlaying PC VGA/Graphics signal onto external video signal or the other way around.
  • 4 selectable chroma keying in blue, green, red and black color.
  • 4 selectable output modes for overlay mode, mixer mode, VGA pass mode and video pass mode.
  • Simultaneous overlay outputs from RCA and S-Video out with no lags.
  • High quality computer graphic to TV video scan converter.
  • Advanced video mixer with overlay and mixer support.
  • Supports picture adjustment on VGA input, RCA and S-Video input.
  • Supports color key level adjustment.
  • Supports text scrolling in horizontal and vertical styles.
  • Perfect tool for DIY Karaoke content by creating special visual effects like Icons, pictures, graphics, titles, subtitles, lyrics, deception, time clock, date, etc to the music video for private video production.
  • Independent horizontal/vertical sizing and positioning for the VGA input.
  • The supplied captioning software provides an easy subtitling tool with comprehensive selection of font styles, font colors, graphic templates and background colors from using any Windows-based PC.
  • Supports Pan, Position, Zoom functions for more detailed presentations.
  • Supports worldwide video system in NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM.
  • Remote control by IR remote or distant control through RS232 connection with a PC.
  • Easy operation by using front push buttons, IR remote or RS232 console control.
  • Universal switching power supply for worldwide use.

  • Video Text Generator for adding subtitles or text message to existing video feed for information purpose or advertisement.
  • Education/Business Video: Add text and computer graphic to corporate or training class video for presentation or informational broadcast.
  • CCTV security surveillance: Merges computer-based DVR output with external video feeds for semi-transparent Picture-On-Picture effect.
  • Commercial or home video production.
  • Digital Signage: Using computer imaging tool for preparing media content for all electronic bulletin board or information kiosk display.
  • Home Entertainment: Enjoy PC games, internet videos or DVD movies on TV. Create your own Karaoke video with lyrics using your computer.
  • Class rooms/ training or any other media presentation events.
  • Computer video or internet video broadcast.
  • Multimedia events for classrooms and bible software output for churches.
  • Computer video recording on VCR/DVD recorder.
  • PC video game output to TV for home entertainment.
  • VGA Input Resolution Support:
    • 640 x 480 up to 85Hz 
    • 800 x 600 up to 85Hz 
    • 1024 x 768 up to 85Hz 
    • 1280 x 1024 up to 85Hz 
    • 1600 x 1200 up to 60Hz 
  • Input Video Connectors:
    • 1 x PC VGA 
    • 1 x Video 1 Vp-p 75 ohm 
    • 1 x S-Video 1 Vp-p 75 ohm 
  • Output Video Connectors:
    • 1 x PC (Pass through) 
    • 1 x RCA 1 Vp-p 75 ohm 
    • 1 x S-Video 1 Vp-p 75 ohm 
  • Output Video System Support: NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL B/G/D/K, PAL M/N, SECAM
  • Operation Control: By IR remote or push buttons on the front panel
  • On-Screen Menu Operation:
    • PC VGA Output Picture Control: Contrast, Bright, Color, Hue, Detail, Reset
    • PC VGA Screen Output Aspect Control: Horizontal Size, Vertical Size, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Phase Adjustment, Reset
    • Video Output Picture Control: Contrast, Bright, Color, Hue, Detail, Reset
    • Chroma Key Adjustment: Color Key Phase, Color Key Level, Chroma Color Key Selection (Red/Blue/Black/Green), Reset
    • System Setup:
      • OUTPUT MODE: PC VGA, VIDEO, PC KEY, Mixer Mode
      • CV System: NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/ SECAM
      • PC VGA ZOOM: 1 ~9/OFF
      • REMOTE: 0~3
      • EXIT
  • Power Supply: 110 to 240V AC input with DC 5V 2.6A output
  • Dimension: 9.3"(W) x 5"(D) x 1.8"(H) 
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degree C ( 32 to 104 degree F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 degree C ( -4 to 140 degree F)
  • Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

  • Video overlay processor
  • IR remote controller
  • Caption software cd disc
  • RS232 adapter cable
  • AC/DC Power adapter
  • Cable set of VGA cable, RCA and S-video cable.
  • User manual

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