Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Clear QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Clear QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

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Product Description

Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Clear QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Clear QAM Tuner + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording
This hybrid digital/analog TV tuner DVR card provides a perfect solution to add TV tuner and video recorder to desktop PC.

This TV card can decode over-the-air HD channels, unencrypted QAM channels, analog cable TV channels for display on PC monitor with crystal clear HD quality up to 1920x1080i.

All the TV video recorder features such as timed recording, TV program timer, closed captioning, favorite channel list can be easily accessed from the supplied TVR software.

Users can record TV shows instantly or by advanced scheduling. TV shows are recorded into digital MPEG formats and stored in PC hard drive at full HD quality.

Easy Setup
Simply open up your PC tower case and insert this TV card into an available PCI Express card slot inside the board. Driver installation and DVR software setup takes only 3 minutes to complete.

Universal + Hybrid RF TV Input
This multimedia TV DVR card expands your desktop PC with RF coax input for hookup with aerial antenna, cable outlet or TV out port from other set top boxes such as satellite receiver or CCTV DVR system.

It supports worldwide digital and analog TV broadcast standards including ATSC, DVB-T, NTSC and PAL for use in all regions.

Digital ATSC DVB-T Terrestrial TV Tuner
The digital terrestrial tuner portion of this PCI Express card supports ATSC format for North America region and DVB-T format for Europe and all other countries.

Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording
Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

High Gain Tuner With Long Range Reception
This all-in-1 ATSC/DVB-T tuner card has high gain tuner built in, which provides robust reception for picking up more over-the-air channels with stable quality than those USB type TV tuner sticks.

Clear QAM Tuner
The QAM tuner portion of this TV card can also decode those unencrypted QAM channels such as local broadcast stations, public-access channels or private QAM channels generated by HD modulators.

Please be advised that this TV card can not be freely used for digital cable channels as the majority of HD cable channels these days are scrambled and encrypted.

Universal Analog NTSC PAL Tuner Card For CATV Satellite
This TV card also has an analog TV tuner built in, cost-efficient demodulator solution for decoding RF feeds from analog antenna, cable outlet, CCTV DVR or RF modulator into digital MPEG format for viewing or recording through desktop PC with this TV capture card installed.

The RF input of this adapter card can also be used for those satellite receivers with TV2 out from DirecTV, Dish Network and FTA satellite for all regions. 

Hybrid Digital ATSC DVB-T + Analog NTSC PAL TV Tuner Card With DVR Recording

User-Friendly DVR Software
The bundled TVR software in this package provides users with a versatile set of DVR functions. Users can easily program their PCs to record any over-the-air TV programs or analog basic cable channels with advanced scheduling on any particular day, daily or weekly.

This TVR software has very simple and interactive interface for users to maneuver around all the entertainment tasks needed such as TV channel editing, TV program guide, video recording, image capturing, DVD/VCD burning, etc.

Major TVR functions supported are:

  • Time Shifting: pause live TV feed with time-shifting function (timed delay recording) and play back the recorded live TV feeds later and skips the commercials. Take control of your TV viewing experience! Take a break, pause TV and pick up where you left off.
  • Scheduled Recording: Users can arrange the recording for your favorite TV programs in a pre-defined schedule and save the recorded TV programs in your computer for later viewing.
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide): provides users with continuously updated menus displaying TV broadcast information for current and upcoming programming.
  • Image Snapshot: Users can take snapshots of any exciting TV scenes in JPG, BMP formats for slideshow, PowerPoint or other multimedia applications.
  • Burn To Disc Function
    Users can also use the supplied TVR software to burn the recorded TV videos, photo image files or music files into VCD/DVD, MP3 disc without 3rd party DVD burning from software.

EPG/Electronic Program Guide Support
This hybrid TV tuner card has built in EPG decoder giving users a full list of TV program guides/schedule, allowing users to easily decide what to watch and record.

Closed-Caption Support
This PCI Express digital TV tuner is featured with closed caption capability to display subtitles or text on the PC monitor screen, making it a perfect choice for the hearing-impaired or silent viewing with no loud dialogues.

Easy Scheduled Recording Of TV Shows
This digital TV tuner also supports TV recording function.
Easy control panel and IR remote make it easy to manage all your TV viewing and recording. 

The recorded videos are saved in MPEG format with HD picture quality.

Selectable recording quality based upon the storage space available up to 1080p.

User can do instant recording or programmed recording of TV program on pre-set schedule.

  • Instant Recording: simply click the "REC" button on TVR control panel to record what is currently displayed on the screen.
  • Scheduled Recording: users can pre-schedule the recording events based upon the desired TV show schedule and add to the recording list.

In addition, users can also decide to leave the PC in hibernate mode or simply shut down the Windows and power off the PC to save energy after recording being completed.

Time-Shift Function Support
The Time-Shift function allows users to pause the live TV program at any time. Once paused, the rest of TV program will be stored on the system memory temporarily.

When ready to watch the skipped TV show, click PLAY button from the TVR menu to watch payback from where being left off. Users can also do fast forward or rewind during the playback.

  • 3-in-1 PCI Express-based hybrid digital OTA/QAM tuner + analog TV tuner card for watching and recording TV channels using desktop PC.
  • Premium Digital ATSC and DVB-T TV tuner for receiving local HD broadcast channels through antenna with solid reception at max resolution of 1920x1080.
  • Digital QAM tuner portion of this TV card can also decode those unencrypted QAM channels or private digital channels generated by HD modulators.
  • Universal analog NTSC PAL TV tuner for decoding any analog UHF/VHF or cable channels for all regions in the world.
  • Supports worldwide TV broadcast standards including NTSC, NTSC-M, PAL-B/G/D/K, PAL-M/N standards.
  • Supports all RF coax inputs such as aerial antenna, clear QAM cable, analog CATV, TV out from satellite receiver, RF modulator and so on
  • High gain tuner provides robust reception for broadcast TV.
  • Adopts the latest digital low-IF receiver technology for superior RF performance.
  • Recording TV channels in digital MPEG format for storage, playback, editing or disc production.
  • Advanced PC-based digital video recorder for recording feeds from antenna or coax cable TV feeds.
  • Supports still image snap shot function in JPEG format.
  • Supports scheduled recording and time shifting function to pause, rewind, fast forward, rewind to replay a TV scene or skip the commercials.
  • Supports EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
  • Selectable closed caption on/off function with favorite TV channel list editing and management.
  • Supports direct Burn-to-Disc function.
  • Supports Win10, Win8/8.1, Win7 32/64-bit, Vista(SP2) and Windows XP(SP3)

  • Device Interface: PCIe Express x1
  • RF Input Type: 
    • Digital Over-The-Air TV Tuner: ATSC + DVB-T tuner for over-the-air digital broadcast channels
    • Digital QAM Tuner: digital tuner for clear unencrypted QAM channels 
    • Analog TV Tuner: NTSC + PAL for CATV or UHF/VHF channels
  • Digital Video Format:
    • MPEG-II Main Profile
    • Main Level 2K to 8K FFT Size/H.264
  • Audio Format: WMA, MPEG-II Audio Layer I/II
  • Stream Capture: PES & TS
  • Windows OS Support: Win10, Win8/8.1,Win7 32/64-bit, Vista(SP2) and Windows XP(SP3)

  • Hybrid TV tuner card in PCIe Express format
  • PAL male to NTSC female coax adapter
  • User manual
  • Driver CD with TVR software

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