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15Khz RGBS RGB/H+V CGA To Composite S-Video Converter
15Khz RGBS RGB/H+V CGA To Composite S-Video Converter
15Khz RGBS RGB/H+V CGA To Composite S-Video Converter
Item#: RGBS-CV

Product Description

15Khz RGBS To Composite S-Video Converter15Khz RGBS To Composite S-Video Converter
This RGB converter is a great solution for converting the standard 15Khz RGB with composite sync type output from your RGB legacy device, DVD player, GPS navigation system or computer workstation into a TV signal. 

The RGBS input signal can be from CGA, Scart or YUV video sources. This RGB converter also allows a standard arcade game resolution at 15KHz signal to be displayed on a regular NTSC or PAL television. So arcade hobbyists can, for example, view the output from a coin-operated video game on a home television set.

This RGB/H+V to CVSB/S-Video TV scan converter is 100% hardware design so no additional tuning or software control is needed. Simply a plug-n-play device.

Display Arcade Video Game On Big Screen TV 

This converter can be used to put the arcade video game on a big screen TV set or video projector for display so others can watch when the arcade game is played. Any standard analog 15Khz RGB video games with combined sync type will be turned into standard NTSC or PAL TV signals via composite RCA or s-video format. 

If your arcade monitor is turning bad or you like to enjoy a bigger screen display, this helps in time for users to plug a arcade video game board into a regular TV.Connecting An Arcade Game To TV Using RGB To NTSC PAL TV Converter  RGBS-CV Model

15Khz CGA RGB/H+V to NTSC PAL Video Converter
All the legacy analog RGB devices with composite H+V sync at 15Khz horizontal frequency with composite sync can be converted to standard video for big screen TV or projector display. 

This converter supports all major RGB with composite sync type outputs from gaming machine PCBs and all other legacy computer video sources. All new design for low picture noise. The CGA outputs from arcade game boards or the older RGB computers can now be displayed on any TV. 

Adding GPS/Navigation Capability For In-Vehicle Use
This RGB video converter is also ideal for displaying GPS or other navigation system with RGBS output on the car headrest LCD screen or car video monitor through AV connection so every passenger may see the navigation screen too.

Connect Navigation Or GPS System To The CAR Headrest Screen

SCART To NTSC PAL ConverterSCART To RGB Application For RGB To NTSC PAL Composite S-Video TV Converter
Combined with using a SCART to RGBS adapter, this RGB converter may also be used for conve
rting the SCART output of your video game console or other scart type video devices into standard composite RCA type or SVHS type signals for TV display or video recording.

  • Video component switching in studio and post video production.
  • High resolution computer graphics to large screen panel display or video recorder.
  • Medical applications: helps medical staff convert high line rate signals generated by medical equipment to standard TV scan lines for video monitoring and inspection.
  • Replaces the legacy RGB monitors or data projectors with flat panel video displays like LCD HDTV or projector with standard AV inputs.
  • Allows a character generator, microcomputer or video game system with analog RGB output to be connected to standard AV connector.
  • Converts a wide range of RGB signals originating from video cameras, computer workstations, video decoders, video servers or other RGBS devices to large screen video projectors or flat panel TV without any signal loss or image degradation.
  • Easy way for distributing computer workstation RGB outputs through TV monitors.
Application Setups For RGBS RGB/H+V to Composite Video S-Video Converter

  • Converts the 15Khz RGB with composite H+V sync signal output to NTSC or PAL signal for TV display via composite video or s-video cable connection.
  • Allows users to play arcade games on any TV set using composite rca or s-video cable connection.The Input and Output Panel for RGB To NTSC PAL Composite S-Video TV Converter
  • Selectable composite RCA and S-Video output.
  • Replaces the legacy RGB monitors or data projectors with flat panel video displays like LCD HDTV or projector with standard AV inputs by using the RGB to TV converter.
  • The RGB input signal can be from CGA, Scart or YUV source devices and converted for TV monitor display using this RGB to TV converter. 
  • Selectable NTSC/PAL system output switch.
  • 100% plug and play operation. 
  • Works with all RGB video switchers and distribution amplifiers.
  • Replace your older SUN and MAC workstation monitors with the new flat panel TV for display.
  • Connecting the navigation or GPS system into the car's headset screen for display.
  • Allows a character generator, microcomputer, video camera, etc. having analog RGBS output to be connected to standard AV connector.

  • Input RGB Connector: D-Sub 15 pin female x 1
  • Input RGB signals:
    • Horizontal frequency: 15.73 Khz or 15.62 KHz
    • Veridical frequency: 50 or 60Hz 
    • RGB Combined Sync - RGB/H+V
  • Output connectors:
    • Composite RCA video out: 1 Vpp @75ohm loadInput Connector Pinouts For RGBS RGB/H+V to Composite Video S-Video Converter
    • S-video out: 1Vpp @75ohm for NTSC + 0.286Vpp @75ohm for PAL
  • Video Output Type;
    • NTSC M - NTSC 3.58
    • NTSC N - NTSC 4.43
    • PAL B/D/H/I/K 
  • Power: 12V DC 1A. center positive.
  • Operating temperature range: 0 - 70 degree C.
  • Operating humidity range: 30 to 80% RH
  • Dimension: 4"(L) x 2.5"(W) x 1"(H)

  • 15Khz RGB to NTSC PAL video converter
  • Power supply
  • User manual

For those 15Khz RGB devices with DB 9-pin output, we suggest you to order the proprietary adapter cable from us to avoid the the problem or customize one yourself  with our specification, click here to order it from our web site directly. 

Or you may customize your own adapter cable for your RGB devices. The following diagram shows the corresponding pin-out assignment between a 9-Pin RGB output to the 15-pin input connector of our RGB To TV Video converter.