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RF Coax To Composite Video Audio Demodulator TV Tuner (PAL B/G Version)
RF Coax To Composite Video Audio Demodulator TV Tuner (PAL B/G Version)
RF Coax To Composite Video Audio Demodulator TV Tuner (PAL B/G Version)
Item#: RFDM2-PBG

Product Description

Professional RF Coax To Composite Video Audio Demodulator TV Tuner For PAL B/G SystemProfessional RF Coax To Composite Video Stereo Demodulator TV Tuner W/IR Remote Control
This coax to composite A/V demodulator is a professional grade TV channel converter, designed to work with coax TV signals such as cable TV or satellite channels, closed circuit TV channels or other RF modulated signals by converting such coax feeds into standard composite RCA formats for various applications such as displaying, recording, or further A/V broadcast and distribution.

This coax cable signal converter provides convenient decoding solution for extracting the video/audio embedded in the coax RF signals coming from cable outlets or cable boxes, satellite set top boxes or CCTV camera/DVR systems. Its availability offers cost-efficient solution and helps for those coax setups found in public A/V broadcast, MATV, SMATV systems used in campus, classrooms, hotels, condos, hospitals, sports bars, restaurants or individual residence.

This coax cable signal demodulator can also be used a stand alone TV tuner. Featured with support of full TV channel frequencies and the micro processor inside the unit can decode all standard UHF/VHF TV, CATV and satellite channels for PAL B/G systems. 

This device supports all the coax type A/V signal inputs from:

  • cable box or cable outlet for analog TV system.
  • private UHF/VHF TV broadcast through RF antenna
  • satellite receivers with coax out
  • digital signage set top boxes with coax outputs
  • modulated surveillance CCTV system
  • Cable radio or cable FM station
  • A/V modulators used in MATV setupFront And Back Panel Of the Coax Demodulator Tuner RFDM2 Model

This converter provides clear and smooth video with great sonic quality. No noise and no interference after the long distance transmission. Once demodulated, the selected channel can be output to TV, video monitor, projector, multiplexer, A/V receiver,  video recorder and so on.

Easy 1-Minute Setup 
Simply connect the coax cable from your coax feed source to the coax input of this converter and then use regular composite A/V cable to connect from the standard RCA video /audio output of this coax converter to a TV display or video recorder. 

No initial configuration setup needed. No TV channel scan needed. 100% hardware operation with easy cable setup. 

Full-Frequency TV Channels For CATV Satellite 
This coax demodulator doubles as an external TV tuner for all the TV video displays
. This agile demodulator has a full-frequency analog tuner and able to decode all standard PAL B/G channels within the range of 48.25 to 860.75MHz. In other words, it supports all standard TV channels from CH1 to CH106.

The RF input of this coax to RCA demodulator can also be used for those satellite receivers with TV2 out from DirecTV, Dish Network and FTA satellite for regions using PAL B/G for TV broadcast system. Check your satellite receiver first and make sure that the coax output from your satellite box can be set for certain channel number.

Easy Add-On TV Tuner Module
This coax demodulator can be a great add-on TV tuner module for video monitors, projectors, DVR systems or all other video equipments that do not have coax inputs. 

Users can simply connect the RCA video/audio output of this tuner module to a video monitor, projector, recorder or mixer console and instantly expand their A/V equipments with a new RF/coax input for accommodating the signals coming from cable TV outlets, satellite receivers or modulated CCTV surveillance systems. 

Application Diagram For Professional RF Coax To Composite Video Stereo Demodulator TV Tuner

Great Coax To Stereo Audio Demodulator For Home Theater System
This demodulator can also doubles as the coax to stereo audio converter. It can extract the audio sound tracks embedded from the TV channels to stereo L/R channels in standard RCA format for further distribution. So users will not be limited by using typical TV speakers for sound output since this coax converter demodulator give users the capability to play or record the TV sound tracks or TV radio channels from their cable systems through individual A/V receiver or stereo system for in-depth sonic experience.

For those who got tired of the low-volume TV speakers and would like to extract TV sound from the coax cable or satellite feeds and send through their favorite stereo amp, receiver, Hi-Fi speaker, headphone or home theater system, this coax audio module answers those requests. 

For those older TVs without audio out ports, this unit can also provide users a solution to extract the TV sound from the coax feed and send the audio to their headphone sets so they can enjoy private listening without bothering others.

IR Remote Controller
This external TV tuner can be fully operated and controlled via remote controller or push buttons on the front panel, just like the way we were using the TV remote to flip through channels, mute or turn up TV volume.

TV Channel Number LED Display
The TV channel number will be displayed on the front panel to show the TV channel number currently selected by users like a cable box.

Video Audio Capturing
Once decoded by this coax demodulator unit, your coax feed for the selected cable TV or satellite TV channel can be transcoded into standard video/audio in RCA format for recording by DVD recorder, DVR, computer-based capturing device or other type of video/audio recorders. 

Add/Delete TV Channels
Users can use the supplied IR remote control to program/remove the unwanted cable channels from
their current cable TV lineup or antenna reception. The deleted channel will be skipped when flipping channel up/down button and can always be added back to the list if needed.

Last Channel Memory
This coax demodulator tuner unit will stay tuned to the same last TV channel when the power comes back up after a power outage event or users unplugging the power adapter manually.

Auto Gain Control
This coax to composite A/V converter is featured with AGC circuitry for auto adjustment on both video and audio levels. The output quality will be re-calibrated and retained the picture stability as the original input A/V signal for the remote end display with minimum distortion and noise-free with full brightness and contrast.

This unit is compact in size and it is rack mountable if needed for large-scale broadcast TV system or surveillance camera CCTV setup. Multiple units can be daisy chained together on 19" rack using the optional rack mount kits. Rack-mount kits are not included in standard packages and they are sold separately.

  • Professional grade agile RF demodulator for PAL B/G TV system.
  • Full TV channel frequency support from channel 1 to Ch106 (45.25 to 860.75 Mhz).Optical Rackmount Kit For RFDM2 RFDM1 model - Professional RF Coax To Composite Video Stereo Demodulator TV Tuner W/IR Remote Control
  • Provides demodulated coax type audio/video in composite RCA format.
  • Great coax setup solution for all public A/V broadcast, MATV, SMATV systems used in campus, classrooms, hotels, hospitals, sports bars, restaurants or residence.
  • Easy replacement solution for those TVs with broken coax inputs.
  • External TV tuner module for video monitors, projectors or DVR systems without coax inputs.
  • Great Coax to stereo audio demodulator for home theater system.
  • Delivers clean smooth video with stereo quality for output without noise/interference after the long distance transmission.
  • Easy control via IR remote controller or push buttons on the front panel.
  • Provides convenient viewing access for coax signals coming from cable outlets or cable boxes with RF output only, satellite receivers or modulated CCTV security camera systems.
  • Perfect for existing modulated cameras and works with quad video processors, multiplexers, and DVR's.
  • Record cable TV channel, satellite or camera channel through video recorder or DVR system.
  • The demodulated audio video can also be used for video recorders, media servers, A/V receivers or wireless transmitter.
  • Excellent coax to stereo audio converter for routing the stereo sound from your cable or satellite channels through stereo amp, receiver, headphone, Hi-Fi speaker or home theater system.
  • Digital LED screen for TV channel display on the front panel of the module to show users the TV channel selected.
  • Automatic video/audio gain control for compensating the input signal level variation for the best broadcast quality performance.
  • Supports last channel memory after power-off or power outage. This coax video demodulator will stay tuned to the last TV channel after being powered off manually or power outage event.
  • Compact size with metal enclosure.
  • Units are rack mountable for series connection if needed. Rack mount kits are sold separately.

Channel Display   Digital LED Screen
Video System Support   PAL B/G 
Channel Frequency Range   48.25 - 860.75MHz ( Ch1 to Ch106)
RF Input Level   -5 to +30 dbmv
Video Output Level   1Vp-p +/- 0.2Vp-p (75 Ohm)
Audio Output Level   0.755Vp-p +/- 0.2Vp-p (600 Ohm)
Noise Level   10db (max)
RF Input Connector   Coax Type x 1
Video Output Connector   RCA-Type x 1
Audio Output Connectors   RCA-Type x 2 for stereo L/R sound
Channel/Volume Operation
  • By IR remote controller
  • By push buttons on the front panel
Video/Audio Gain Control   Manual adjustment knobs on the front panel
Operating Temperature    0 to 40 degrees C
Power Consumption   1.5 W
Power Supply
  • AC Power Input: 230V
  • DC Power Output: 12V / 300mA Center Positive

  • PAL B/G RF coax to composite A/V converter module
  • IR remote controller
  • European 230V power adapter
  • User manual

User Manual For Ambery RFDM2-PBG Model

For the 1U, 2U and 3U rack mounting kit, please click here

For NTSC version, please click here

For PAL D/K version, please click here