DC Power Extension Cord With Manual ON / OFF Switch

DC Power Extension Cord With Manual ON / OFF Switch


Product Description

DC Power On/Off Switch + 12" Extension CordDC Power Extension Cord With ON / OFF Switch
Use this convenient power extension cable to connect a male and female DC power connector together. The cable has a male and female end with a total length of 12 inches for easy connection. Easily used as an extension cord for DC power cables.

Never turn off your DC powered device by unplugging the power cord. This DC power extension cord is also featured with on/off switch so to add an external on/off control mechanism for all DC powered devices such as lights, CCTV camera, DVR, cable box, set top boxes and so on.

This quality cable is manufactured with high precision to make sure the connectivity is flawless.

  • DC power female to male power cable for extension
  • Easy way for adding a DC power on/off switch for external power control of all DC powered devices.
  • DC plug with diameter of 5.5mm outer / 2.1mm inner.
  • High connectivity with no loss of transmission
  • 12 inch long cord

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