Premium 8-Way RF Coax Splitter Combiner

Premium 8-Way RF Coax Splitter Combiner
Item# RF-CS18

Product Description

Premium 8-Way RF Coax Splitter CombinerPremium 8-Way RF Coax Splitter Combiner
This bi-directional RF coax Splitter/Combiner can be used for various applications. It is ideal for antenna and coaxial cable operations for CATV or Satellite TV.

This device can be used to divide one RF signal from CATV, TV tuner, satellite box or other RF source into 8 identical ones for further distribution among 8 TVs.

It can also work in the opposite way by combining 8 RF signals from multiple sources such as RF modulators, antenna, satellite, cable box into one coax cable run. 

This bi-directional RF combiner/splitter provide 5-2400 MHz bandwidth. Use this 8-way splitter to connect or combine your electronic applications with ease.

Used As RF Coax Splitter Used As RF Coax Combiner

  • Ideal for antenna, CATV and satellite TV coaxial operations
  • Can be used as a RF coax splitter for splitting signal from a RF coax source into multiple ones.
  • Used as RF coax combiner for joining multiple RF coax signals into one run.
  • Accurately split or combine your cable TV and antenna signals.
  • Distribute one RF coax line for 8 TVs or receiving devices.
  • Merge 8 RF coax lines into one for further distribution.
  • high isolation, perfect performance index.
  • The CATV Signal Splitter converts one standard RF coaxial cable .
  • RF shielded die cast housing for absolute minimal insertion losses.
  • Light weight and compact size.

  • All ports F-(f)connector,75Ohm
  • Screening factor: 5-2400MHz≥100dB