All-Channel Composite BNC RCA A/V To RF Coax Modulator (CH2 To CH138)

All-Channel Composite BNC RCA A/V To RF Coax Modulator (CH2 To CH138)

Item# MD211-BNC

Product Description

Composite BNC/RCA A/V To RF Coax Agile ModulatorUniversal Composite A/V To RF Coax Agile Modulator For NTSC PAL B/G/D/K/I/A
This professional BNC/RCA A/V to RF modulator is designed for converting composite video audio played from DVD player, cable box, security camera to an analog TV channel of user choice for broadcasting and distribution.

It provides selectable dual CATV and Air UHF/VHF frequency output mode for flexibility, not like most models on the market limited to CH3/CH4 UHF frequency only

All standard composite A/V signals from devices such as satellite receivers, DVD player and so on can be modulated by this device and further combined with the existing cable TV system as one of your new TV channels.

Typical uses of this RF modulator including:

  • DIY Surveillance TV Channel: analog video and audio signals from CCTV camera or surveillance DVR can also be modulated into new private TV channels. So users can simply view the live camera feeds on the TV by tuning into the modulated channel for monitoring.
  • Education/Training. Build a custom TV channel for broadcasting the digital media content prepared by teacher or instructor for classrooms. 
  • Digital Signage. Converting digital media content played from DVD player or other digital media player into a custom-made TV channel and transmitted over multiple TV displays for advertisement or signage purpose.

Programmable TV Channel Output Selection
Its programmable TV channel selection allows users to select any desired TV channel frequency for its RF output.

Channel selection is controlled by the front panel push button. 

Air/CATV Video System Support
This video/audio modulator supports both CATV and UHF/VHF system mode with wide TV channel frequency range support for NTSC system.

The cable TV channel range starts from CH12 to CH138 and the UHF/VHF channel range starts from CH14 to CH83.

Double Side Band Design
This modulator uses double sided band design. So if the 1st modulator is set for using CH18, the 2nd modulator must skip CH19 and use at least CH20 or higher number for the output.

Easy Operation
Simply connect the video/ audio output from device such as set top box, surveillance camera, DVD player to the BNC/RCA A/V input of this agile modulator and then connect its RF coax output to your TV or a coax cable combiner/splitter for further distribution.

Next use the channel up/down button on the front to select the CATV or UHF/VHF mode before picking a TV channel number for output in CATV or UHF/VHF system use. 

Easy TV Distribution
Users can also use RF coax splitters to distribute the modulated coax feed to multiple TV displays

Users can also add more of these RF modulators for modulating more videos from various video sources into more TV channels and combined them in one coax cable run for large-scale private TV channel distribution.

Easy Integration
Users can simply use the existing coax cable system to transmit the new video content over the long coax cable through this audio/video coax modulator.

Any TV connected through the same coax cable can see the same video content when the TV is tuned to the proper channel.

Easy Expansion
Users can add more modulators for modulating more video sources into new TV channels and and transmit them all simultaneously through using RF combiner over the same coax cable wire for all TVs.

Powerful 100db Output For Long Range Transmission
This RF modulator is featured with a powerful 100dB output, which is sufficient for long cable transmission up to 1200 meters or 0.75 mile with no loss of picture and sound.

Video Audio Extension Over Coax Cable 
This RF modulator can also be combined with our RF demodulator, RFDM2 model, so they can be used as a video/audio over coax cable extender kit for many purposes such as CCTV surveillance, multimedia center, etc. 

Adjustable Video Audio Level Control
This RF modulator is featured with adjustable level controls of the video/audio input feed. Users can manually adjust the signal output level so the picture stability will be retained all the way for the remote end display with full brightness and contrast.

Last Channel Memory
This RF modulator will memorize user's setting for modulated channel after being powered off manually or power outage event.

1U 2U 3U Rack Mountable Design
This agile RF modulator is rack mount ready. There are rack-mounting holes on the front panel. 

The optional rack-mount kits can have multiple modulators installed together on 1U, 2U or 3U racks and they are sold separately.

  • Professional-grade audio/video RF modulator for converting composite video audio played from DVD player, cable box, security camera to an analog TV channel of user choice for broadcasting and distribution.
  • Selectable CATV channel or air UHF/VHF channel output frequency.
  • Wide-range TV channel RF output frequencies for NTSC system use.
  • Transmitting audio/video over coax cable offers greater transmission range and much lower cost than the typical balun or Cat5 extender solution.
  • Supports all audio/video sources such as satellite receivers, media players, video camera or other composite video devices.
  • Must-have A/V adapter for combining both BNC/RCA video/audio from device into RF type for long range video/audio distribution.
  • Great cost saving for device sharing. All TVs connected through the same coax cable can share the same A/V device or media player when being modulated into a TV channel.
  • Video and audio signals from CCTV surveillance camera can be presented on your TV when tuning into the assigned channel. 
  • Supports manual output gain control. 
  • Manual gain level adjustment available from 0 to 20 dB.
  • Powerful 100db signal output sufficient for long cable runs up to 1200 meters or 0.75 mile.
  • Multiple units cascaded together to distribute multiple audio video inputs from one coax cable run.
  • Transmitting audio/video over existing coax cable setup offers far greater resolution, longer transmission range and much lower cost than the typical balun or Cat5 extender solution.
  • Last memory support for keeping user's last-minute setting intact after being powered off manually or power outage event.
  • Digital LED channel display and controls for convenient monitoring and operation.
  • Rack mount ready for 1U, 2U or 3U. The optional rack mounting kit can be purchased separately to have multiple units of these AV to RF modulators installed together.

  • RF Output Strength: 100 +/- 5dB
  • Channel Display: Digital LED Screen
  • Channel Frequency Range:
    • NTSC-M (CATV): CH58 to CH138 (427.25 to 877.25 MHz)
    • NTSC-M (Air): CH14 to CH83 (471.25 to 885.25 MHz)
  • Modulation Type: Double side band
  • RF Signal Output Level:  100+/-5 dbuv
  • Video Input Connectors: Composite BNC/RCA female x 1
  • Audio Input Connectors: BNC/RCA female x 2 for audio L/R)
  • Output Connector: Coax F-Type female x1
  • Video/Audio Gain Control:
    • RF lever
    • Video/Audio deviation
    • Video/Audio carrier
    • Video/Audio modulation
  • Memory Function: Last channel memory
  • Power Supply: DC 7.5V - DC12V / 100mA
  • Dimension: 117mm x 72mm x 32mm

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