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Long-Range 5.8Ghz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter + IR Remote Range Extender
Long-Range 5.8Ghz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter + IR Remote Range Extender
Long-Range 5.8Ghz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter + IR Remote Range Extender
Item#: W-AVS580

Product Description

Long-Range 5.8Ghz Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter + IR Remote Range ExtenderWireless Audio/Video Transmitter Kit With IR Remote Control Extender
Now you can enjoy the stereo audio and clear video reception anywhere in the house or office without having to run wires thru the walls or under carpets by using this wireless A/V transmitter kit. 

This wireless A/V sender system provides vivid color video with stereo sound through its RF frequency broadcast instead of the traditional cable runs. 

Strong 5.8 GHz signal travels from location of your A/V source equipment through walls, floors, across the hallway or from the basement to the TV upstairs with maximum range up to 600 feet with clear line of sight or 100-150 feet through barriers.

This wireless A/V transmitter also support transmitting remote control signal wirelessly to greater distance, which means that users can take the remote control to the bedroom and still be able to control cable box, satellite or DVD player downstairs. 

Using this package for wireless broadcasting to make life easier and more entertaining in many ways. No extra wires to deal with and no more construction for cable installation.

Easy Setup
The setup of this kit is easy that any one can do it in minutes. After finishing the connection of power and A/V cable between the source and the receiving end, you can start watching DVD in the kitchen without moving the DVD player from the family room or listening to the favorite music played from CD player downstairs on powered speakers throughout the house wirelessly.

Superior Performance
Both sender and receiver unit have high gain antenna built in for superior wireless signal transmission and reception with crystal clear picture and sonic quality retained like wired connection. 

Maximum transmission range can be up to 600 feet with clear line of sight, 100-150 feet through walls.

Adjustable Panel Antenna
The built-in panel antenna on the transmitter and receiver unit can be rotated horizontally and vertically. This design is great for users to point the antenna toward each other between transmitter and receiver for optimal and accurate reception and performance.

Universal Remote Control Range Extender
This wireless kit can also be used as a remote control extender by converting the IR remote control signal into RF frequency signal. Maximum IR remote signal
range can be up to 600 feet with clear line of sight, 100-150 feet through walls.  

The remote control range extender function of this kit gives users the ability to control their A/V devices from greater distances or even from another room. It enables users to extend the range of their existing remote controller so to operate DVD player, home theater system, cable box, satellite receiver, audio video receiver, etc., virtually anywhere within their home.

  • Premium 5.8 GHz wireless A/V sender with 4 selectable frequency channels.
  • Super long range transmission range up to 600 feet with clear line of sight, 100-150 feet (through walls). 
  • Send clear and vivid video, stereo sound and IR remote control signal around the house without no wired connection.
  • Sturdy enclosure with built-in high gain wireless antenna for superior wireless transmission and reception.
  • Powerful RF transmitter built in so wireless signals can penetrate effectively through walls and floors without noise/interference.
  • 4 selectable channel frequency for wireless transmission.
  • Support all analog A/V devices such as satellite receiver, TiVo, DVD player, video camera or stereo system.
  • Adjustable panel antenna can be rotated horizontally and vertically, great for users to point antenna toward each other between transmitter and receiver for accurate and optimal reception and performance.
  • Remote control extension feature allows device's IR remote work for longer range so users can easily control A/V devices from another room or different floor.
  • Support 433.92MHz infrared radio-control return feature.
  • Remote control signal extension up to 600 feet max with clear line of sight.
  • Universal compatibility with most remote controllers in the market due to the wide range of IR data rate up to 60 KHz.
  • Served as wireless surveillance system or nursing monitor when used with camcorder or other video surveillance cameras.
  • Supports NSTC and PAL inputs/outputs.
  • A/V Transmitting Frequency: 5.8 Ghz
  • Transmitting Power: 17 dBm max
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -85 dBm
  • Frequency Stability:  +/-100KHz
  • Video/Audio Input:
    • Composite RCA x 1
    • RCA x2 for stereo audio L/R
  • Max A/V Transmission Range: 200 meters/600 feet with clear line of sight
  • IR Remote Extender Frequency: 433.92 Mhz/ASK modulation
  • IR Remote Carrier: 30 to 60 Khz
  • IR Remote Sensitivity: -90 dBm
  • Antenna: internal built-in F type
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 60 degree C
  • Video System Support: NTSC / PAL
  • Dimension:  4.7"(W) x 7.3" (D) x 1.7"(H)

  • Wireless transmitter unit x 1
  • Wireless receiver unit x 1
  • Audio video input adapter cable kit x 1
  • Audio video output adapter cable kit x 1
  • AC/DC power adapters 
  • Operation manual