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HDMI Audio To Digital S/PDIF And Stereo RCA Audio Converter
 HDMI Audio To Digital S/PDIF And Stereo RCA Audio Converter
HDMI Audio To Digital S/PDIF And Stereo RCA Audio Converter
Item#: SDV3A

Product Description

HDMI DVI To Composite S-Video Down Converter With HDMI Audio DecodingHDMI DVI To Composite S-Video Down Converter With HDMI Audio Decoding
The product provides a convenient way for down-covnverting the digital HDMI or DVI output from HD camcorder, PC, etc. to analog composite video audio for regular TV display and capturing via DVR or computer.

When the source is HDMI type with audio embedded, its digital audio will be converted into stereo sound and S/PDIF coax audio simultaneously for further broadcasting by stereo speaker systems, amplifier, A/V receiver or home theater system. 

This HDMI DVI down converter also provides a HDMI or DVI bypass to pass the original digital HD signal through for connection with HD TV display, switcher or other digital equipments.

This unique HD to SD video down converter facilitates users with great extent, allowing them to easily integrate the new digital A/V equipments with existing home theater system or AV receiver seamlessly. No new audio video interfaces to be conquered and save money without costly upgrade or expansion incurred.

Instant Conversion From HDMI To Composite S-Video
This high definition video processor provides instant down converting from its HDMI or DVI HD input to SD type in analog composite video or s-video format output so users can use a regular tube TV for watching high definition video content or use other analog video monitor for monitoring purpose.Instant Decoding From HDMI DVI To NTSC PAL Composite S-Video

Both of its s-video output and composite video output are still amazingly good quality after converting from HD feeds. Its composite video output and s-video output are fully compatible with all NTSC and PAL TV systems. Ideal for using in applications like home entertainment, video conference, home theater, business presentation, classroom and so on.

Easy Video Audio Distribution
By connecting the HDMI or DVI output from your HD devices or DVI-based computer with this device, this converter can deliver SD video and HD video outputs in 3 ways simultaneously including 2 standard video outputs via composite rca and s-video plus 1 HDMI pass-through for multiple TV sets, AV receivers, DVR or combination of all.

In addition, the decoded stereo L/R sound and digital S/PDIF coax audio outputs from the original HDMI input can be transmitted to stereo speaker systems, audio amplifier/receivers, pre-amp or home theater systems for further distribution. 

PC DVI HDMI To TV Video Scan Converter
This HD to SD video converter can be used as PC to TV scan converter by converting the DVI or HDMI output from a laptop or desktop PC or Mac system into composite video or s-video output to a TV or video recorder for presentation or recording purpose. This HDMI to composite s-video down converter is also backwards compatible with all DVI sources such as PC and Mac systems. It supports a wide range of computer digital RGB resolution from 640x480 pixels to UXGA 1600x1200 pixels. 

Inputs And Outputs Of HDMI DVI To Composite S-Video Down Converter With HDMI Audio Decoding

Supports HD And RGB ResolutionsPC DVI HDMI To TV Video Scan Converter
It is designed to convert a variety of HD resolutions from 480p up to 1080p and computer DVI/HDMI resolutions up to 1920x1200 pixels into selectable NTSC or PAL standard analog video signals at 480i or 576i resolution for all SDTV displays or video recorders. The support range of HD input resolutions are 480p, 576p,720p, 1080i and 1080p. The maximum computer DVI HDMI resolutions for input to this scan converter is 1600x1200 pixels.

High-Bandwidth Performance
This HD video down converter offers wide bandwidth capacity, ensuring that the audio and video output from this HD/SD video audio converter maintain signal quality with no loss for long distance transmission.

Expandable Design
This HDMI DVI to composite S-Video converter can be cascaded with video mixer, video/audio switch or splitter to work together as a single large switching system with more inputs as needed depending on the setup. Perfect solution for permanent/mobile presentations and great for use in presentations, trade shows, conferences, retail, and entertainment applications.

HDMI Audio Decoder With Digital S/PDIF And Stereo Audio Outputs
This device is also a HDMI audio converter. It will extract HDM audio and decode the HDMI audio into digital coax S/PDIF audio and stereo L/R outputs at the same time for easy integration and audio distribution with existing stereo speaker systems, audio amplifier/receivers, pre-amp or home theater systems.
HDMI Audio Decoder With Digital S/PDIF And Analog Stereo Audio Outputs 

There are 4 simultaneous audio outputs including 1 S/PDIF digital out, 2 stereo L/R outs and 1 HDMI audio pass-through if the HDMI input source has audio embedded. This HDMI supports various digital audio inputs including PCM, Dobly Digital, DTS digital audio at up to 192Khz frame rate. 

This HDMI audio converter does NOT convert from its coax S/PDIF audio input into stereo channels. The coax S/PDIF input will be passed directly through its S/PDIF coax out.

  • Converts HDMI or DVI video signals to analog composite video and s-video type at the same time.
  • Selectable NTSC PAL format at 480i or 576i resolution.
  • Served as HDMI audio converter with digital S/PDIF out and stereo RCA output.
  • Converts HDMI audio into digital S/PDIF in coax format.
  • Converters HDMI audio into analog stereo L/R sound in RCA format. 
  • 3 simultaneous video outputs including composite video output, s-video output and HDMI video pass-through.
  • 4 simultaneous audio outputs including 1 S/PDIF digital out, 2 stereo L/R outs and HDMI audio pass-through if the HDMI input source has audio embedded. 
  • Digital audio interface supports PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS digital audio at up to 192kHz frame rate.
  • Supports wide range of digital HD input resolutions from 480p to 1080p@60Hz (except 1080p@24Hz) 
  • Supports wide range of computer digital RGB input resolutions from 640x480 to UXGA 1600x1200 pixels @60Hz.
  • Used as a PC to TV scan converter by converting the computer DVI or HDMI digital outputs into NTSC PAL TV signals via composite rca or s-video format for display or video capturing.
  • Full compliance with HDMI 1.2 and DVI 1.0 standards (Note: this does not convert HDMI signals protected with HDCP.)
  • Backwards compatible with all DVI input sources and output displays.
  • Sturdy metal enclosure.

A/V Input Ports
  • HDMI Type A Input x 1
  • Coax S/PDIF Input x 1
Video Output Ports
  • Composite Video RCA jack x 1
  • S-Video mini-din x 1
  • HDMI x 1(Bypass Only)
Audio Output Ports
  • Coaxial S/PDIF x 1
  • RCA L/R x 2 for stereo sound out
  • HDMI x1 (Bypass Only)
Video System Support
  • NTSC
  • PAL
HD Input Support
  • 480p@60Hz
  • 576p@60Hz
  • 720p@60Hz
  • 1080i@60Hz
  • 1080p@60Hz
Computer RGB Input Support
  • 640x480 pixels
  • 720x480,720x576 pixels
  • 800x600,832x624,848x480,864x768 pixels
  • 960x600,984x768 pixels
  • 1024x768,1088x612,1152x648,1152x864 pixels
  • 1280x720,1280x768,1280x800,1280x960,1280x1024 pixels
  • 1360x768,1366x768 pixels
  • 1400x900,1400x960,1440x1080,1400x1024 pixels
  • 1600x900,1600x1024,1600x1200 pixels
Power Supply
  • 110V-240V AC In
  • 5V/2.6A DC Out (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Operating Temperature   0 to 40 degree C