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Composite S-Video To HD Component Video VGA Converter Scaler
Composite S-Video To HD Component Video VGA Converter Scaler
Composite S-Video To HD Component Video VGA Converter Scaler
Item#: DVH4

Product Description

Composite RCA S-Video To HD Component Video VGA Converter ScalerComposite S-Video To HD Component Video VGA Converter Scaler
This advanced video scaler is designed to up convert analog composite video and S-Video(Y/C) type input to HD resolution up to 1080p or computer VGA RGB resolution up to 1600x1200 pixels through its component video output or VGA output for display on HDTV or HDTV, LCD TV, projector or VGA monitor/projector. 

All the analog interlaced 480i type videos can be enhanced to sharp and detailed images in HD or VGA resolution.  Featured with advanced video data processing for most natural and cinema quality video for output images.

This video up converter is suitable for applications in converting the NTSC or PAL output from VCR/DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, video game console, CCTV camera or all other standard video devices to digital type for display.

This video converter is served as a handy video gadget to help users streamline their home A/V setup, digital signage for retail store, conference room  or surveillance CCTV applications. It works perfectly with all other video devices for further integration or distribution such as component video-based or VGA-based  switchers, splitters, matrix system and so on  for information distribution or visual presentation.

Easy SetupVideo Inputs And Output For Ambery DVH4 Model
Simply use a RCA A/V cable or S-Video cable for connecting any analog video audio device to the input side of this HD converter. Then set the output video mode switch to HD mode and use the supplied 15-pin to 3 RCA component video adapter cable for getting the HD component video output from this converter to the HDTV set or other component video monitor or A/V receiver. All hardware solution. Plug and play without any manual adjustment needed.

For getting the VGA output from this video scaler, users simply set the  output video mode switch to PC mode and connect the LCD monitor cable into the 15-pin VGA output of this converter for display.

Selectable Video Input
This HDMI converter supports dual video inputs, 1 composite RCA and a S-Video Y/C input. Input channel button is available on the top panel of this unit for easy switching between composite RCA type and SV type for displaying sharp images on large screen TV display or monitor.

Advanced Video Conversion
This video scaler uses advanced HD video processor with powerful 3D digital comb filter for digitally encoded images with vivid color depth during the signal conversion. Its auto noise reduction process helps minimize artifacts and other video noises caused by unsynchronized video pluses.

Multi-Format Analog Video To VGA Component Video Scaler
With the built-in supreme HD video engine, this video scaler is able to accommodate all digital and analog video inputs and up converts them into progressive scan HD type component video or high resolution VGA signals for optimized image quality and sensational results.

Composite RCA S-Video To Component Video
This video scaler can easily up-convert the standard RCA video or S-Video from video camera, CCTV system, satellite, game console, cable box, etc. to sharp and clear
progressive type component YPbPr video format at selectable resolution from 480p to 1080p or 1920x1080 pixels for display on HD monitor, projector, LCD TV or HD recorder.

Setup Diagram For Component Video Output From Ambery DVH4 model

Composite RCA S- Video To VGA
This video scaler can also scale any standard composite RCA video or S-Video from to DVD player, video camera, CCTV system, game console, cable box, etc. to sharp and clear progressive type VGA or RGBHV  format at selectable 1024x768, 1280x1024 and up to 1600x1200 pixels for display on LCD monitor, projector or LCD TV panel.

Setup Diagram For VGA RGBHV Output From Ambery DVH4 model

Sharp Image Quality
With operating frequency of up to 165MHz, output images are crystal clear and detailed. Enjoy the vivid color information with full color depth being presented on your big screen TV or projector.

3D Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing
This digital video scaler adopts the latest 3D motion adaptive de-interlace processing, which can help eliminate the jagged edges of TV or DVD videos and improve the clarity and sharpness of the overall image.

Selectable Video Output Resolution
This video scaler is featured with selectable video output resolution. An output video type switch is located on the side of this unit. User can set this switch to select different video resolution for output to the display properly as needed.

Video Inputs And Output For Ambery DVH4 Model


Video Output Type Switch For Ambery DVH4 Model

  • Cost efficient solution for converting composite RCA or s-video to high resolution video signals for sharp and detailed display.
  • Supports advanced video data processing for most natural and cinema quality video for output images.
  • Maximum HD component video output up to HD 1080p or computer VGA RGB at 1600x1200 pixels.
  • Featured with premium frame-based motion adaptive De-interlacer for improving the existing standard definition video Input.
  • Supports auto noise reduction.
  • Automatic 2:2/3:2 film mode detection.
  • Real time video output so the audio output from the source device can always be in sync with the converted video output from this scaler accurately.
  • 50/60 Hz frame rate conversion ensures glitch-free display.
  • NTSC and PAL are supported and automatically detected.
  • Supports daisy chain connection with other 
  • Backwards compatible with all HD monitor displays via using the supplied component video adapter cable.
  • 100-240VAC power adapter supplied.

Video Inputs
  • Composite RCA x 1
  • S-Video x 1
Video Output
  • D-sub 15-pin VGA female x 1 or 
  • HD component video x 1 via using the supplied component video adapter cable
PC RGB/HD Video Output Resolutions
  • 1024x768 (XGA)
  • 1280x1024 (SXGA)
  • 1600x1200 (UXGA) 
  • 480p / 576p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
Video System Support
  • NTSC
  • PAL
Operation Temperature
  • 32 - 104 F for operation
  • -4 to 140 F for storage 
Power Supply
  • 110-240V AC power input
  • 5V DC, 1A output

  • Video converter
  • Power adapter
  • User manual