Solar-Powered Wide-Area Motion Detector Alarm With IR Remote

Solar-Powered Wide-Area Motion Detector Alarm With IR Remote

Item# ALM300B

Product Description

Motion Detector Alarm With IR Remote Control + Solar Panel
This wireless motion-activated alarm is designed to protect your home, warehouse, garage with advanced alerts. It is a great watchdog system for additional security to all home and business owners. for home security and home automation setup. 

If a person, animal or other object being detected within the monitored area, a ear-piercing 130-dB siren will sound off to scare off the intruders and alerting the owner of the property to check the event. 

This alarm can detect movements in wide-range area and easily be armed or disarmed through using the supplied IR remote controller.

This device is a rarely-found energy-efficient alarm model on the market. Solar panel helps save the battery power by applying the solar power to sustain watchdog/standby time. [Note]: Do not use rechargeable batteries because the built-in solar panel will not charge the battery.

Only the triggered alarm event will consume the AA alkaline battery power. 

Easy DIY Installation
The alarm unit is for indoor use and can be mounted on a wall or put at desktop or for portable use in order to protect your surroundings with an easy-to-use solution. 

Simply put in AA alkaline batteries to the motion alarm and position it at the desired location for monitoring and control it via remote control.

Solar Technology
The solar panel of this alarm camera can convert sunlight or illumination light into power to sustain the regular watchdog/standby operation and helps conserve the AA battery power.
[Note]: This alarm is for indoor use only and it is not weather-proof. Its solar panel can not charge the battery. So please do not use the rechargeable batteries for the setup. Use regular AA alkaline batteries only. 

Only the movement-triggered event will consume the AA battery power.

Advanced IR Motion Detection
All live objects with temperature emit heat energy in the form of radiation, which is invisible to the human eyes but can be detected by this motion sensor.
The alarm could be triggered and activated by temperature fluctuation of human or object movement.

Wide Motion Detection Coverage
This eco-friendly motion detector alarm uses PIR passive infrared technology to protect the area from intruders. Its coverage range is as follows:

  • max detection distance up to 25 feet.
  • max horizontal detection range up to 120 degree in horizontal view.
  • max vertical detection range up to 60 degree in vertical view. 
Portable Personal Alarm
It is great to be used for home, office warehouse, patio, hotel room, retail store or travel use. It can be fixated on the wall or simply put it on the desk or hand carry it. 

Users may also aim this motion alarm to driveway, front/back door, windows and patio doors for extra home security. With this motion alarm, your family will be instantly alerted to potential dangers. Intruder will know that they have been detected.

All other suitable applications including:

  • Home alarm
  • Restricted area
  • Monitoring surrounding areas
  • Travel protection
  • Visitors greeting
  • Camping

  • Energy-efficient indoor motion alarm device for wall mount, desktop or portable use.
  • Great entry watchdog system for all home and business owners to enhance security setup.
  • Operated by AA batteries and solar panel combined.
  • Solar panel can convert sunlight or illumination light into power to sustain the regular watchdog/standby operation and helps conserve the AA alkaline battery power.
  • Only the movement-triggered event will consume the AA battery power.
  • Easy IR remote control for arming and disarming of the motion alarm.
  • 30-second exit delay and 5-second entry delay for users to have sufficient time to leave or enter the protected area without triggering the alarm.
  • Ultra-loud 130dB siren sound to scare off intruders when motion is detected within the covered area.
  • Wide-area monitoring range with 120-degree detection angle and effective distance up to 25 feet or 8 meters away.
  • Can be fixated on the wall horizontally or vertically or simply put it on the desk.
  • Low battery LED indicator.
  • Long lasting battery life with low power consumption design.
  • Sturdy aluminum enclosure.
  • Easy DIY installation. no wiring at all and can be placed on a table or hung on the wall.

  • Motion Sensor Type: PIR sensor
  • Motion Detention Range: 
    • 25 feet or 8 meter long
    • 120 horizontal view
    • 60 vertical view
  • Siren Time: 30 seconds
  • Entry Delay Time: 5 seconds
  • Exit Delay Time: 30 seconds
  • Alarm Sound Level: 130dB 
  • Power Supply:
    • Solar power for standby mode use
    • Alkaline AA type x 3 for PIR siren alarm use (batteries not supplied)
  • Dimension: 2.7" (W) x 6.3"(H) x 1.8"(D)
  • Battery low LED indicator
  • Power Consumption: standby current 30uA
  • Wall mounted or free standing

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