Premium Wireless PIR Motion Sensor + Wireless Receiver/Base Unit

Premium Wireless PIR Motion Sensor + Wireless Receiver/Base Unit

Item# ALM201

Product Description

Long-Range Wireless Motion Sensor/Receiver SystemLong-Range Wireless Motion Sensor/Receiver System
Stay safe at home or anywhere else with using this wireless motion alert kit for enhanced security monitoring. This wireless motion detector kit includes 1 wireless motion sensor and 1 receiver base unit with maximum operation distance up to 300 feet.

Using the infrared technology, the motion sensor detects any movement from the heated object in the monitored area and send the trigger signal wirelessly to its base unit which has speaker built in to emit audible sound for notifying home owner or office staff to be on guard for the event.

This product allows users to monitor any selected area from distance, such as in a retail store, home, garage, office, warehouse or public area and can bring the attention to watch out for intruder, customer, animal and so on.

Also suitable for use with nursery care by alerting caretaker to pay attention to the elderly and preschool children and prevent accidents from happening.

The wireless motion sensor system provides 24/7 active monitoring and is free to operate. No monthly monitoring fees paid and no contract bound. An absolutely affordable and easy security system for every one. [Note]: This system is for indoor installation use only. All components are not weather-proof and shall not be used for outdoor setup.

Super Easy Setup
No wiring is required to install this product. Simply install the batteries at first on both senor and receiver unit.

Next place the motion sensor in any desired area using the supplied wall mounting kit or simply put on desk top and set it up with desired angle. Then bring the receiver with you or anywhere that you can hear the audio alert sound. 

Whenever motion is detected, the receiver base unit will be trigged to sound off with musical tones. The side of the receiver base unit has a High/Low/off volume switch for its internal speaker sound level.

Energy-Efficient Battery Operation
The motion sensor operates on one 9-volt battery (not included) and the receiver/base unit operates on 2 AA batteries (not included). Never worry about the failure of monitoring during power outage.

Both motion sensor and the base unit have on/off switch. Units can be turned off when not used.

Advanced PIR-Based Motion Sensor
This PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of humans, animals, or other heated objects. All live objects with temperature radiating heat energy, which is invisible to human eyes but can be detected by the motion sensor.

Once movement is detected by temperature fluctuation of human or object movement, the motion senor will send trigger signal wirelessly to the receiver to sound off for audible alert.

All-Purpose Monitoring System
This wireless motion sensor kit is great to be used at home for nursing care such as alerting parents if toddlers or young children wander off into back yard with hot BBQ table around or pool area or other potentially dangerous location.

Also great to be used for home, office warehouse, patio, hotel room, retail store or travel use. The sensor unit can be fixated on the wall or simply put it on the desk or hand carry.

Users may also aim this motion sensor toward driveway, front/back door, windows and patio doors for extra home security. [Note]: this kit can not work from behind glasses as infrared light can not travel through glassed well.

All other suitable applications including greeting/admission events, camping trip or other similar activities.

Wide Motion Detection Coverage
This eco-friendly motion detector alarm uses PIR passive infrared technology to protect the area from intruders. Its coverage range is as follows:

  • Max detection distance up to 20 feet.
  • Max horizontal/vertical detection range up to 60 degree in horizontal and vertical view.

  • Premium wireless PIR-based motion sensor system with a wireless PIR motion sensor and a base receiver unit.
  • The motion sensor will detect movements of humans, animals, etc. and send the trigger signal wirelessly to the receiver at distance.
  • Maximum wireless operation range is up to 300 feet for clear line of sight setup.
  • Easy security solution for monitoring the distant site with enhanced safety for locations such as retail store, home, backyard, garage, office, warehouse or public area.
  • Users can take the wireless motion detector kit anywhere and position it to monitor in almost any direction/angle.
  • Suitable for nursery care by alerting caretaker to pay attention to the elderly and preschool children and prevent accidents.
  • The base receiver unit has a bell clip design for users to carry around for mobile use.
  • Double as a wireless door bell system too.
  • Wall mountable with wall mounting kit included for monitoring fixed location.
  • All battery-powered operation. No external power supply needed.
  • Units can be powered off when not used to save battery.
  • LED indicators for visual confirmation of transmission.
  • Low power consumption.

  • Transmitter (sensor): 9V battery, receiver: 2 x AA batteries (batteries are not included)
  • Transmitter Size: 90mm x 60mm x 45mm
  • Receiver Size: 90mm x 65mm x 30mm
  • Volume Switch Setting: High / low volume / off
  • Audible Alert: High, Low, Off 
  • Motion Detecting Range: 25 feet max
  • Operating Distance: 300 feet for clear line of sight setup
  • Max Detection Distance: up to 20 feet.
  • Max Detection Range:
    • up to 60 degree in horizontal view
    • up to 60 degree in vertical view

  • 1 wireless motion sensor
  • 1 wireless receiver base unit
  • Wall mounting kit
  • user manual

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