4-Channel Quad Video Picture-In-Picture Video Processor - RCA Connectors

4-Channel Quad Video Picture-In-Picture Video Processor - RCA Connectors
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4-Channel Picture-In-Picture Video Processor With Audio Supportallaboutadapters PIPV2A model : 4-Channel Picture-In-Picture Video Processor With Audio Support
This advanced picture-in-picture processor provides users with a cost-effective solution of combining all or selected video inputs together into different style of split-screen views for one screen display. 

This PIP unit supports total of 4 standard video/audio inputs with 2 composite video outputs and 1 audio output. All video and audio inputs will be synchronized accurately so all camera feeds or other composite video feeds can be output simultaneously for smooth and sharp pictures without any glitch occurred.

This screen video processor provides user with various screen mode options such as the common quad screen mode and various PIP screen modes for viewing additional video feeds on the main screen. It has more features and options than all other models on the market.

End users can control the screen formation and monitor multiple video input channels on single LCD monitor or projector from devices such as such as CCTV surveillance camera, DVR, DVD players, camcorders, satellite receiver or other video systems.Application Diagram For allaboutadapters PIPV2A model

Simple tasks such as watching DVD movie or satellite video on the main screen while keeping an eye on your nanny cam or surveillance camera video from the smaller video window screen. Never miss a move on the front yard or miss start your favorite program.

2 composite BNC/RCA video outputs are available for displaying on two video monitors, or one for a monitor with the other for a surveillance VCR or DVR. There is also a VCR input port for connection with a surveillance VCR recorder to playback recorded video. Users can easily switch between live viewing and playback of the recording from VCR/DVR connection.

This video screen processor also supports video motion detection for all or selected video channels. Users can manually set up motion detection area for each input channel with various sensitivity levels.

Great video screen processor for many visual applications such as live monitoring, video recording, multimedia entertainment or any other visual application requiring presentation of multiple video windows on single TV monitor for screen display.

Easy Setup
This split-screen processor itself is a stand alone unit and fully plug and play. No complicated configuration and very easy to be set up by users of all levels. The major setup will be hooking up video cables between the video sources and the display or video recorder. Once done, the operation will be controlled through the supplied IR remote or push buttons on the front panel.

Audio Support
This quad PIP video processor supports audio inputs and output. There are total of 4 audio inputs in 3.5mm headphone style so each video input has its audio input channel to be associated with.

User can press the "VCR/ENTER" button on the front panel to toggle through all the audio input channels connected and select the desired audio input for output to TV or video monitor, external speakers or DVR for audio monitoring or recording purpose.

Real-Time 16 Split Screen Modes
Each split screen mode is easily activated through using the push buttons on the front panel or the supplied IR remote controller. All the multi-channel screen matrix modes will be displayed on the monitor in cycle until the desired matrix selected for multi-channel split screen, 3-channel PIP, 2-channel PIP, single channel full screen display at any time with ease.

All video channels can be presented in the following 16 different modes:

  • 4-channel quad screen mode
  • 3-channel PIP screen modes with overlay of 3 small video channels onto the main channel screen
  • 3-channel split mode in horizontal split fashion
  • 3-channel split mode in vertical split fashion
  • 2-channel PIP screen modes (A,B,C,D,E,F) with overlay of 2 video channels onto the main screen
  • 2-channel split mode in horizontal split fashion
  • 2-channel split mode in vertical split fashion
  • 1-channel PIP screen modes (A,B,C,D) with overlay of 1 video channel onto the main channel screen
  • Single channel full screen
  • Auto sequential channel switching mode
  • Zoom
  • Freeze

Automatic Sequence Switching Support
Sequence switching to cycle through all video inputs from various cameras or video devices can be done manually or by programming sequential dwell times of 1 to 99 seconds for each camera.

Auto channel sequence switching will display quad screen first and followed by each single channel full screen. 

Easy On-Screen Configuration
This unit can be controlled through the push buttons on the front panel or the supplied remote controller. With user-friendly OSD setup menu provided for settings related with the following fields as the actual screenshots below illustrates:

  • System Setup
  • Display Setup
  • Auto Sequence
  • Camera Setup
  • Motion Setup
  • Event Setup
  • Event Report
OSD Main Screen System Setup Screen Display Setup Screen Auto Channel Sequencing 
Channel Setup Motion Setup Event Setup Event Report Log

Time/Date Stamp Support
This device has a date and time stamp generator built in. The date/time stamp on the screen can be used for display and video recording. Users can choose to show information of date, current time, channel description/title on video channels for display purpose and recording/capturing sessions. 

The date/time stamp can also be turned off manually too from the OSD system menu.

Advanced Motion Detection
This 4-channel quad video mixer system adopts the advanced motion detection on all channels. Great feature for all video monitoring and security surveillance applications.

Motion detection function is available for all 4 channels simultaneously with adjustable 7-level sensitivity setup and can be set up easily from the on-screen system menu.

Each camera video input channel has a programmable 16 x 12 detection grid on the screen to customize motion detect parameters such as target placement, object size and shape, time of day, trigger sensitivity and alarm buzzer delay.

Other motion detection functions and features including:

  • Selectable detection sensitivity levels for each video channel input.
  • Programmable day and night motion-detection schedules.
  • Selectable motion detection area and sensitivity levels for each camera/input.
  • Buzzer alarm alert for motion events and video loss.
  • Programmable time duration for audible alert.
  • All motion events and alarm events will be recorded in the system logs for reviews.

Alarm Support
This unit supports two type of audible alarm events for video loss and motion alert. And the alarm buzzer can be manually turned on or off upon discretion.

  • Video Loss Alarm: The internal alarm buzzer will sound off and the video channel title will start to flash alternatively when a video channel suddenly has loss of pictures detected. The video loss alarm can be turned off from OSD.
  • Video motion alarm: If the motion detect is enabled from the setup menu, each input channel is programmed with detection grid. The unit will enter into an alarm status when a moving object is detected. The alarm channel indicator will illuminate and the buzzer will sound if selected. The alarm output is connected with an external alarm device, the device will be triggered.

Universal Video System Support
This video converter switch supports worldwide TV video systems. It will automatic detect the input video system for NTSC, PAL or SECAM with selectable NTSC or PAL output for display or recording by DVR or VCR.

Front And Back Panel Of allaboutadapters PIPV2A model
  • Supreme 4-channel video mixer solution designed for visual applications that require multiple video feeds to be displayed one one same screen.
  • Great tool for visual applications related with video monitoring, multimedia presentation, video editing, post production or video capturing systems.
  • Combine all or selected input video feeds into different styles of split-screen views on one display for preview, live monitoring or video recording.
  • 4 standard video inputs with 4 audio inputs. Each video input has its own associated audio input channel.
  • 2 standard video outputs with one main audio output.
  • Select any of the connected video/audio source inputs for output to TV monitor, external speakers or DVR for monitoring or recording.
  • Supports hookup with all CCTV security surveillance cameras with standard composite video output.
  • Easy and fast switching between video/audio inputs, split-screen modes by using IR remote control or push buttons on the front panel.
  • Supports total 16 screen modes including 4-channel quad screen, 3-channel splits, 3-PIP modes, 2-channel splits, 2-PIP modes, 1-PIP modes and single channel full-screen.
  • Supports image freeze control, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended period of time.
  • Provides zoom function from quad to full screen picture.
  • Supports border line On/Off function for use in split screen modes.
  • Supports time/date stamp for display and video recording.
  • Supports auto sequential channel switching function with adjustable dwelling time of 1 to 99 seconds.
  • Supports programmable motion detection area and sensitivity levels for each camera/input.
  • Configurable video loss detection and video motion detect setup with buzzer alert.
  • Built-in alarm buzzer can be manually enabled for motion detection and video signal loss.
  • Individual color adjustment provided for each video input channel for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness control.
  • Easy on-screen OSD menu setup for user friendly configuration and operation.
  • Supports all NTSC and PAL input systems with selectable NTSC or PAL video output.

Video Inputs   4 x BNC/RCA channels 1.0Vp-p composite 75 ohms 
VCR Input   1 x BNC/RCA channels 1.0Vp-p composite 75 ohms 
Video Outputs   2 x BNC/RCA channels 1.0Vp-p composite 75 ohms
Video Input/Output Standard Support
  • NTSC 60 fields/sec  
  • PAL 50 fields/sec
Video Resolution
  • NTSC:720�480 pixels 
  • PAL:720�576 pixels
Screen Mode Support
  • Quad screen
  • PIP screen with one overlay channel
  • PIP screen with dual overlay channels
  • POP Dual-channel split screen 
  • Full screen for single channel
  • Auto channel sequence switching
  • Zoom
  • Freeze
Operation Temperature   -30�C ~ 60�C (-22�F ~ 140�F)
Power Supply
  • AC Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • DC Output: 12V, 1A
Dimension   9.2"(W) x 6.8"(D) x 1.8" (H)

  • Quad video processor unit
  • Remote controller
  • Set of 7 BNC/RCA adapters
  • AC/DC power adapter  
  • User manual

If RCA input connectors are needed, please refer to our PIPV2 model.