4-Port HD Component Video Switcher With Digital Stereo Audio Inputs

4-Port HD Component Video Switcher With Digital Stereo Audio Inputs
Item# YPbPrSW-3PA

Product Description

4-Port HD Component Video Switcher With Digital Stereo Audio Inputs4-Port Component Composite Video Switch + Digital S/PDIF Stereo Audio Switcher
This HD/SD audio video switcher makes cable swapping a thing of the past. It allows users to switch between multiple HD or standard video devices easily and the audio will follow with video if needed, making it ideal video audio connectivity solution for use in studios, A/V receiver, home theater system, post-production facilities, educational use, or any other setting that requires a high-quality solution.

This 4-port component video switch supports display resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080i, providing the signal quality necessary to bring out the best results from all of your HD digital devices.

This HD video audio routing switch can be used as straight composite video audio switch for all SD devices of NTSC or PAL system.  

Its fast and smooth switching between inputs allows users to connect more audio/video devices for the existing TVs or receivers with the same quality maintained all the way just like having the device directly connected to the end display. No more running out of video/audio inputs on your HDTV/LCD TV set or projector again. No more connecting and reconnecting cables every time change sources. This multi-purposed video audio switcher is perfect for cable boxes, satellite receivers, DVD players, video game consoles, video cameras, home theater systems, CD players and other digital audio/video components. 

A versatile audio switching solution for home theatre applications requiring digital or analog audio connections with the use of standard and HD component devices. IR remote control learning feature allows users to easily use their existing remote controls with the switcher.

4-Channel HD Component Video Switch
This unit provides fast and smooth switching between four HD video audio source devices and provide single video/audio output to the TV, projector or other A/V receiving equipments. This A/V switcher supports all HD video formats at resolutions of 480i, 480p, 540i, 540p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. It is also a great way to expand your HDTV with more component video inputs and digital audio inputs.

Multiple Video Audio Inputs 
This multi-purposed video audio switcher provides the following inputs to help users expand their existing TVs or receivers with more connections with additional A/V equipments:

  • 4 A/V Inputs: 
    • Component Video (YPbPr) x  4 
    • Stereo L/R input x 4
    • Digital S/PDIF Coaxial Input x 4
  • Single A/V Output: 
    • Component Video (YPbPr) x  1 
    • Stereo L/R input x 1
    • Digital S/PDIF Coaxial Input x 1

Multi-Channel Composite Video Switch
When used as a straight composite video switcher, each one of the green or blue or red RCA jacks on the input side can be used as composite video input and will be routed through the same colored RCA jack on the output end for composite video output.

So there will be 12 composite video inputs( 4 green-colored + 4 blue-colored + 4 red-colored) with 3 corresponding color-matching composite video outputs (1 green- colored + 1 blue-colored + 1 red-colored). Great way to expand your HDTV or regular SDTV with more composite video inputs.

[Note]: The output video type and output resolution of this switcher will be the same as the original input of component video or composite video type. This unit can not convert video format from one to the other so it does not allow mix of inputs with different video formats to be connected together to the same display.

Manual Switching Or IR Remote Control
This HD component video switcher offers two ways of operation. Users could either use the supplied IR remote controller or push button on the switcher for manual switching.

The remote IR controller also allows a full customization of inputs. In other words you could change the way the switcher will be switching when using a remote. Each input can be reprogrammed, to be under a different input channel number. A unique learning circuit allows it to learn the commands from your original device remotes so you can use them with this switcher.

Digital/Analog Audio Switcher 
This audio video routing switch supports both stereo L/R and digital audio inputs. Featured with 4 stereo L/R inputs and 4 digital coaxial S/PDIF audio. 

Front And Back Panel Of allaboutadapters 4-Port HD Component Video Switcher With Digital Stereo Audio Inputs
  • High performance video audio connectivity solution.
  • 4-channel digital audio/stereo audio selector.
  • Integrated learning circuit built in to learn On/Off commands.
  • Special circuitry for isolating adjacent video/audio Inputs for high quality signal transmission.
  • Expands your TV, A/V receiver or home theater system with more video audio inputs.
  • 4 HD component/YUV inputs when used as straight component RGB video switch.
  • Doubles as a straight composite video switcher.
  • Supports all HD and SD resolutions from 480i to 1080p.
  • Supports both NTSC & PAL system inputs and output.
  • 4 channels of digital audio inputs via coaxial connectors.
  • 4 channels of stereo audio inputs via RCA L/R connectors.
  • Supports all digital audio/video devices such as cable TV box, DVD player, satellite receiver, HD DVR, game consoles, CD players and other HD or SD audio video components.
  • Self-termination with 75 ohm load for those inputs not in use so to ensure good signal protection form outside interference.
  • Flexible switching control via push button on front panel or IR remote controller.

  • Video Inputs: Component RGB video input x 4
  • Video Output: Component RGB video output x 1
  • Audio Inputs:  Digital S/PDIF coax input x 4 + analog stereo L/R input x 4
  • Audio Output: Digital S/PDIF coax input x 1 + analog stereo L/R input x 1
  • Video Resolution Support:
    • SD: 480i,480p,576i,576p
    • HD: 720p,1080i,1080p
  • Switching Control: 
    • Manual push button on the front panel
    • IR remote controller
  • Power Supply: 110V AC In, 9V DC 200mA out

  • 4-Port HD/SD/Audio switcher
  • Remote controller
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • User manual