3-In-1 Universal TV Tuner + FM Tuner + DVR Video Capture Card

3-In-1 Universal TV Tuner + FM Tuner + DVR Video Capture Card
Item# TF-101

Product Description

3-In-1 Universal TV Tuner + FM Tuner + DVR Video Capture Card3-In-1 Universal TV Tuner + FM Tuner + DVR Video Capture Card
This 3-in-1 TV/FM tuner card is the perfect solution to expand your desktop PC with TV function, video recorder, and FM radio function. It transforms your desktop PC into a full-featured multimedia station with video/audio/radio input for all regions.

This PCI TV/FM tuner card has an universal TV tuner built in to decode both analog basic cable channels or UHF/VHF closed-circuit channels for all countries in the world using NTSC, PAL B/G/D/K/H/I, PAL-M and PAL-N for TV broadcast standard. [Note: This is an analog TV tuner card so it does not support antenna hookup for digital broadcast channels over the air]

Users can record TV shows instantly or by advanced scheduling PC hard drive. The bundled TVR software provides users with a versatile set of DVR functions, which means no more missing out on favorite TV show ever again. User can choose various video format for recording session.

This multimedia PCI capture card also help users import audio/video feeds from home A/V devices to the computer for visual entertainment, multimedia applications and post production. Watch, listen and record favorite TV shows and FM radio stations right into computer hard drive off the bat ! Users can also pause live TV shows, skip commercials, create instant replays or recording at full digital quality in advanced scheduling.

This TV/FM tuner card also provides RCA and s-video input so users easily capture video or audio feeds from VCR/DVD player, game console, camcorder, CCTV surveillance cam into digital MPEG formats for visual aide, presentations, training and all other multimedia projects.

This TV/FM tuner DVR capture card full supports all Windows OS including Win10, Win8.1/8, Win7, Vista and XP.

Universal Analog NTSC PAL Tuner For CATV Satellite UHF VHF
The RF input of this TV tuner card supports worldwide analog TV RF frequencies including NTSC, PAL B/G/D/K/I and PAL M/N TV systems. 

It works for all regions in the world and able to decode all standard UHF, VHF and analog cable TV channels within the range of 48.25 to 883.25MHz or from CH1 to CH139.

RF Coax Demodulator For CATV Satellite
This PCI TV FM tuner card is also a cost efficient solution for decoding RF modulated signals from devices such as cable box, DTV box, closed circuit channels, legacy game consoles into digital MPEG format for viewing or recording through desktop PC with this TV capture card installed.

The RF input of this adapter card can also be used for those satellite receivers with TV2 out from DirecTV, Dish Network or other free-to-air satellite box for all regions.

Multiple Video Audio Inputs
This PCI TV video capture card is featured with RF coax input, composite RCA input, S-Video input, 3.5mm mini input and a FM antenna input.

The composite RCA video and s-video inputs of this TV video capture card allows users to connect video devices such as DVD player, VCR, camcorder game console to your desktop PC for viewing, recording or digitizing analog video feed into digital video files for visual aide, presentations, training, disc production and all other multimedia projects.

Advanced TVR Recorder Software
This TV tuner card also doubles as an advanced PC-based digital video recorder for recording standard RCA video audio feeds from any A/V devices including satellite receiver, DVD player, VCR, camcorder, video game console, CCTV camera and so on and store the recorded content into the hard drive for playback or further DVD production.

The bundled TVR software provides users with a versatile set of DVR functions such as, time-shifting, instant recording, programmed recording and so on. Users can easily configure their PCs to record analog basic cable TV programs with advanced scheduling on any particular day, daily or weekly.

Take control of your TV viewing experience ! Users may also pause live TV feed with time-shifting function (timed delay recording). Play back the recorded live TV feeds and skips the commercials.

Device Settings TV Channel Scan TV Channel List TV/Video Recording Setup
Other Tuner Setups TV Schedule Recording FM Radio Stations IR Remote Setup

Digitize Your Analog Video Collection
Digitizing Analog Video To Digital Video Format By Using Video Audio Grabber This TV tuner capture card is also a great tool for users to convert analog video contents into digital formats as files. Users can import the video feeds from camcorder and convert the older V8 or Hi8 tapes to digital MPEG or DVD format for archiving personal video collection, further disc production or creating high impact multimedia content.

Picture-On-Picture Viewing
This device also supports PIP function, meaning that users can browse internet or work in the computer while watching TV, DVD or recorded video playback at the same time. The TV video screen will be always on top of the computer screen.

Once starting up the TVR software, a video window will be inserted onto the computer screen. This video window can be relocated to any location of the computer screen and the screen size can be adjusted at will and up to full screen display.

Surveillance Camera Live View On PC Screen
This all-in-1 PCI TV/FM Tuner DVR card is also a simple and fast DVR solution for displaying live camera pictures on a desktop PC screen without using a TV or video monitor.

Users can connect any type of video cams such as CCTV surveillance camera, wireless camera, microscope camera or camcorder into this PCI adapter card so they can start seeing and recording camera feeds into hard drive for playback later, web broadcasting or burning onto disc for storage.

IR Remote Controller
This TV card can be fully operated and controlled via mouse click or easy IR remote. Full-function remote controller gives you the flexibility to change channels, adjust the volume, record videos or turn the radio on from a distance. You now have the full convenience of a TV combined with digital video recorder and FM radio features.

Turn Off PC By Schedule Or Remote Controller
A shut-down button on the remote of this TV tuner card allows users to safely exit Windows and turn down the PC without clicking the mouse around. 

Users may also set up in the TVR software about when to shut down the computer automatically so you can walk away from your computer and do your errands.

FM Radio Tuner For Desktop PC
This universal TV tuner DVR Capture card has a full-featured FM radio tuner module built in. Users can enjoy listening and recording their favorite local FM radio stations while working in computer. FM radio tuning can be controlled by the enclosed TV remote by switching to FM Tuner mode. FM antenna wire is also included in the standard package for enhancing the reception.

The supplied TVR software provides an easy intuitive interface for tuning and recording favorite FM shows or music into digital WMA files for playback later. The FM radio software supports fine-tune, seek and auto scan functions just like real radio. 

Enjoy listening and recording favorite local FM broadcast in WMA format. The recorded FM radio files can be transferred to a CD disc or multimedia player device for playback whenever you need.

Full Windows OS Compatibility
This 3-in-1 PCI TV FM tuner DVR card fully supports the recent Windows OS including Win10, Win8.1/Win8, Win7, Vista and XP.


  • Premium 3-In-1 PCI card combining analog TV Tuner, digital video recorder, FM radio tuner function into one card for multimedia platform used in desktop PC.
  • Universal TV tuner for worldwide support of NTSC, PAL B/G/D/K/H/I, PAL-M and PAL-N standards.
  • Full-featured FM radio tuner built in so you can enjoy listening and recording favorite FM radio stations while working in computer.
  • Advanced PC-based digital MPEG video recorder.
  • Excellent RF to PC converter solution for analog cable TV, satellite receiver or video modulator.
  • Supports multiple inputs including RF coax, composite RCA and FM antenna input.
  • Captures or converts analog video/audio into PC in digital format for storage or disc production.
  • TVR Scheduling allows you to use PC for auto recording of your favorite TV shows just like a DVR.
  • Records basic cable, satellite receiver, DVD player, game console, CCTV cam into PC for playback, editing, etc.
  • Movable and resizable TV/Video windows on computer screen.
  • Supports Picture-On-Picture so TV/Video window can always stay on top of computer screen.
  • Supports 16:9 and 4:3 ratio for the sub video window size.
  • Supports Time-Shifting function to pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, replay a scene or skip the commercials.
  • Supports customizing favorite TV channel list.
  • Real-time video recording in MPEG1 or MPEG2.
  • Maximum recording resolution at 720x480 pixels @ 30 fps for NTSC or 720x576 @25 fps for PAL/SECAM system.
  • Advanced scheduling for automatic recording of any TV program on weekly basis or one-time only.
  • Supports snapshot function to take screenshots still pictures with ease.
  • Full-function IR remote included for easy operation.
  • Auto shut-down your PC per scheduled timer set in the software.
  • Listens or records local FM music in WMA format while working in computer.
  • The FM radio software supports fine-tune, seek and auto scan functions just like real radio
  • Supports Win10, Win8.1/8 (32/64-bit), Win7(32/64-bit), Vista, XP.

  • TV Tuner System Support: NTSC, PAL B/G/D/K/H/I,PAL-M, PAL-N [Note: This is an analog TV tuner card so it does not support antenna hookup for digital broadcast channels over the air]
  • RF Decoding Range: Analog NTSC cable and broadcast UHF/VHF TV channel frequencies from 55.25 to 855.25 MHz
  • Video Input System Support: NTSC, PAL and SECAM 
  • Video Capture Resolution: 720x480 pixels for NTSC or 720x576 pixels for PAL
  • Radio Tuner Input: FM Tuner with 75 ohm RCA phono Input
  • Video/Audio Inputs:
    • RF CATV coax Input via F-type connector x 1
    • Composite RCA input x 1 for composite video input
    • S-Video input x 1 for composite video input
    • 3.5mm mini port x 1 for audio input from RCA video device
  • Output: 3.5mm mini port x 1  for audio output to sound card, headset or speaker
  • Video Recording Format: MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD
  • Snap Shot Image Format: BMP, JPG
  • Video Color Element Control: Adjustable video color elements for picture brightness, contrast, saturation, hue.
  • Operation: Full-function 29-key IR remote controller or control panel from TVR software 
  • PC Windows OS Support: Win10, Win8.1/8 (32/64-bit), Win7(32/64-bit), Vista, XP

  • All-In-1 TV/FM tuner DVR card 
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • FM antenna wire
  • IR remote controller + IR remote receiver wire
  • User manual
  • CD disc for driver and TVR software